Core Curriculum of America Homeschool Curriculum Review

by Diane Kinnard
(Mount Clemens, MI U.S.A.)

Core Curriculum of America Review

Core Curriculum of America Review

We started homeschooling three years ago when I had one child in high school, one in middle school and two children in elementary. We used Core Curriculum of America and really liked it.

They have access to the majority of all of the curriculums. They interview the parents and then the children one by one to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. After these interviews, they review with the parent each subject book for each child.

We really liked the fact that the books came in a milk-crate with hanging folders with each subject already labeled on each folder. The crates, also, came with pencils, a ruler and an eraser. Each crate came specifically for each child and each grade. It came with weekly assignment sheets that really helped set up the year and a professional curriculum paper to fill out their classes for the year.

The books were all excellent and we had a great first school year.

I, also, liked the fact that we could take the milk-crates and stack them and take them with us so the kids could home school at our office if necessary.

Diane, thanks so much for your review of Core Curriculum of America; I'm glad you found their services helpful. It's such a blessing to find everything in one place – especially for new homeschooling parents. To your homeschool success and savings, Heather :)

More information on Core Curriculum of America:
When I come across homeschool curriculum providers, and businesses and services that target homeschool families, I always do a thorough investigation before adding information to my website. Diane's review prompted me to find out more about this company and I can across the following information. Always use your discernment when purchasing products or services from companies – especially online businesses.

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Jun 24, 2013
Core Nightmare NEW
by: Michelle

I called their toll free number to obtain more information about their program. I was given a time when a rep would contact me for an assessment. They never called. When I called to find out what happened, I was shocked. After a lame excuse, I asked if this was what I could expect as there are many other homeschool companies. The rep (Frank) told me that maybe I should use another company!! Remember they did not call when promised. I wrote an email and got a accusatory and snotty reply from the CEO Geoff Groton accessing me of lying and not hearing correctly. His degrading email basically did not care or want my business. Stay away from them! Any company that would insult a customer after they screwed up is not in the best interest of your child. I hope they will be out of business soon!

Jun 19, 2014
Glad I found out before I purchased anything NEW
by: Anonymous

Received similar response when I asked a question about the availability of materials not listed on the site. I was so surprised at the judgmental tone. The second email was worse. I can't imagine how they survive.

Sep 07, 2014
Core Knowledge - The way to go NEW
by: Donice

I have just submitted a long review on the core knowledge curriculum. But look it up. Its comprehensive and FREE for K-3. You will be totally blown away and amazed. There is nothing I've ever heard of or seen of this magnitude. I am an educator, my children were in mostly all 10 out of 10 rated schools in at least 8 different states. Heck, I even worked in a 10 rated school district and nothing I've ever seen tops this. Just hate my children are grown and missed it. My 1st grade grandson is learning, really learning and comprehending things that my youngest daughter who is graduating with a degree in marine biology never had. Check it out you'll be glad you did.

Nov 15, 2020
Core Curriculum of America NEW
by: Anonymous

Core Curriculum of America served my family well. When public schools were bullying and harassing my children CCA cam to our defense. With that being said, we think that your comments are nothing short of bogus! Today each of our kids have college degress and great jobs. It appears that you need to get a different line of work...

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