Consider Homeschooling in This Failing Economy!

by Katrina Velte
(Marion, NY)

Considering homeschooling? So is this working mom. Read her story and share yours to help others!

So my husband works the night shift 3 days on, 2 days off, then 2 days on and 3 days off in a print factory. I (a cosmetologist) work around his schedule with the exception that I work every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We purposely did that to avoid daycare services after school for our 5 year old.

During her first year in kindergarten, her teacher announced to us that she is distracted from a classmate, and isn't learning her site words very well. Fine, separate the two clowns, and I will work with her on her site words. It backfired... Instead she became distracted with another child, learned 22 words above the 14 for the curriculum at home, but doesn't have enough confidence to show off that she knows all the site words and then some.

Both my husband and I made our own curriculum for her, set monthly goals alongside with what she is using at school, and just noticed a complete difference. She's not bored anymore because we are challenging her. Then, tonight on our channel 13 news, our little town went on the map in Rochester vicinity. Our elementary school system is being consolidated and that is no more funds to be delivered to our school system.

What should we do now... I asked if my husband would be interested in homeschooling... He said no. He said his job is to guide her but not teach her the ways the schools are teaching her. I said "That's crazy!" "You're a Nascar junkie that's afraid homeschooling your daughter will cut into your personal time around your circle track, and you were born in a one horse town, and will still think like that one horse until the day you die." Harsh? Try living with a military family all your life and not settling in one place longer than one year. I say, homeschool... What say you guys?

Hi Katrina,
I think homeschooling your daughter would be a wonderful decision; its sounds like you are already experiencing some of the benefits that come with schooling your daughter at home.

The only red flag I see is your husband's reluctance. If your husband isn't for you homeschooling your daughter, it may not be
the best decision right now for your family. However... she is only five and I think you could do more than enough with her on the days you are home with her which might take relieve the pressure your husband might feel right now. After awhile, he will see how easy homeschooling is and want to do more with her as far as reading, writing and arithmetic type teaching.

From my experience, you can homeschool young children for a couple hours a day and cover lots of ground. The rest of the time, you could use for play, doing fun things together, getting work done around the house, etc.; all of those activities are educational as well as relationship building. My young children love working with me in the kitchen, etc. We talk about all sorts of things - every activity is an opportunity to learn something even if its just finding out more about your daughter or listening to her stories.

If it were me... I would sit down with my husband and share how living in a military family affected me while growing up and that stability is very important to me. I would also tell him that I would be willing to do the reading, writing and arithmetic teaching, if he felt uncomfortable with it.

Don't forget to encourage him - he most likely is a very smart guy :) and you believe he has the resources and ability to teach his daughter at home. He could always oversee field trips and other fun activities. If he does have a hobby - Nascar, etc., he could give her a taste of his world. My husband teaches my kids how to fix things and about building houses, etc. They sometimes go to work with him and he usually takes them when he purchases materials, etc. They love spending time with him, even if it is just going to Home Depot. :) He also used to be a DJ - all our children love music and know a lot about wiring, sound, video, etc. Every now and then he will pull his turntables and sound system out and play around with it. The kids each get their turn at mixing music, etc.

Hope this helps you in your decision process.
PS Let us know what you decide to do!

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