Consider Brain Exercises for SAT Success

by Martin Walker
(Brooklyn, NY)

Working Memory Increase

Working Memory Increase

Is your homeschooling and college bound teen getting ready for the SATs? How about increasing intelligence and test scores with memory training?

Although the College Board claims otherwise, the SAT in large part measures intelligence.

Traditional SAT prep can help a student become more familiar with the kinds of questions they'll encounter and get practice on them, but he or she will won't increase his intelligence in this way, so their ceiling score will still be limited.

Psychologists used to believe that IQ was fixed and untrainable. But just last year a study by scientists at the Universities of Michigan and Bern (Switzerland) proved that fluid intelligence can be improved by more than 40% in less than 20 days with intensive working memory training.

My company adapted the research training technique into a commercial product - Brain Fitness Pro. We've kept the price low so that it will be affordable. And we already have students who have benefited from the training, as well as people who've substantially increased their IQ scores.

Martin Walker

Very interesting... I have never heard of your program before! Thanks for sharing!

Learn more about Brain Fitness Pro and Brain Fitness Pro Jr AND get an exclusive homeschool discount on Mind Sparkle's Brain Training Software from PEAH!

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