Computer Based Homeschooling

If your time is limited, you lead a busy life-style or you work full-time, computer based homeschooling may be a perfect solution for your family.

The computer offers a convenient, flexible, and easy way to homeschool your child!

With computer based homeschooling, your child completes the majority of his lessons, and/or schoolwork on the computer.

Software is either installed from a disk or downloaded from a website, onto your computer. Although your child will use a computer for school for most of their work, some programs allow students to use other forms of learning, to complete lessons. For example, they may read or watch a lesson on the computer, but complete a project, write an essay, or other non-computer activity.

Is computer schooling right for my child?

Homeschooling using computer software, may help an uninterested student like school. Multi-media adds life to your child's lessons, increasing interest. Watching small snippets of video, animation, and interactive lessons engage children who find traditional school or book work dull.

Children with physical disabilities or who have difficulty writing, will also benefit from computer based homeschooling.

If your family leads a busy life or travels extensively, doing school via the computer, provides a wonderful way to continue schooling, despite eventful schedules.

Materials and Needed Supplies

Eliminate homeschooling hassles and wasted time by learning the curriculum's computer requirements, first!

When purchasing a laptop or PC, make sure it has the speed and memory you need. A slow computer will waste time and may frustrate your child.

A laptop increases your flexibility. You can easily take your notebook computer with you. Using a PC requires your child to school only while at home.

Head Phones help reduce noise that may disturb other children in the room. When out in public, head phones will reduce noise to help your child concentrate better.

You may also want some peace and quite too, sometimes!

For long road trips, having a car adapter will keep your computer fully charged.

The curriculum you choose may require internet access for some lessons.

A wireless internet card provides additional convenience, allowing you to continue schooling or using the internet, while on the go.

To Save Time, Use Curriculum Software That:

  • Keeps track of work and lessons completed.
  • Marks and records grades automatically.
  • Generates awards, certificates, and reports cards.
  • Offers the flexibility your family needs.
  • Creates lesson plans, course outlines, etc.
  • Offers support services for help or problems.

Additional Considerations

Sitting in front of the computer for hours on end can be tiring and hard on the eyes. It’s also not very healthy!

Make sure the curriculum you choose, incorporates a variety of activities and learning opportunities.

Hands on science kits or projects and experiences will get your child up and away from the computer, minimizing long periods of sitting. Learning happens best when lessons incorporate all learning styles.

Certain software curriculum providers, offer you additional services like tutoring, grading, transcripts, report cards should you need them. Some services are free, others are fee-based.

Make sure you find out what is included when purchasing homeschooling curriculum software, and what is not. 

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