Complete 9th Grade Curriculum

by Margaret
(North Carolina)

Our money-saving homeschool story...

My children are in two different grade levels. My son tried an online school for 8th grade curriculum which did not eventually work for him. His sister tried it too. She wanted to do by book, so I ordered her Complete 9th Grade Curriculum online from Textbooks Heaven for only $99.00. Also ordered her 10th grade for next year from them as well. Now my son will also do his by book next year with her books. They are reasonably priced. The cheapest we could find.

We live in North Carolina and our homeschoolers must be tested. I choose Seton testing for only $25.00 a piece for the CAT tests.

I hope our story helps anyone that needs more information of how to homeschool on a budget.

Hi Margaret,
Thanks for sharing your money-saving homeschool story with others! Your comments will be helpful to those who are considering homeschooling or think that homeschooling costs a lot of money. Blessings, Heather :)

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