Common Solutions for the Uncommon Child Book Review

by Bridget

Know Your Child's Needs and Learning Style

Know Your Child's Needs and Learning Style

This book is a valuable resource, when using any curriculum or theme, to help any child based on deciphering individual needs and learning styles. It outlines a variety of student profiles and particular behaviors along with strategies and techniques to implement when delivering any lesson.

The following strategies have worked well for most of our home schoolers who have difficulty following directions:

  • rephrase directions
  • break down sequence of steps
  • have child repeat directions
  • use a peer to explain in different words
  • offer visual directions
  • maintain eye contact when delivering directions
  • check in when started and at 1/2 way point
  • do one assignment at a time
  • create a check list of directions

These strategies have worked well for multi-aged groups, long-term assignments, getting started with organizational skills, creating a feeling of accomplishment, and developing more confidence and independence.

We have used other strategies from the book for individuals who are disorganized, who are developing reading and research skills, who have trouble staying on task, who need work on reading comprehension, who are more visual or auditory learners, or who needs follow-through.

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