Come Look With Me Art Books

by Dee
(Cannon Falls, MN)

Easy Homeschool Art Curriculum

Easy Homeschool Art Curriculum

Want to fit art appreciation into your homeschool day, but don't have time? Come look with me at what this busy mom uses for a hassle-free, no-prep homeschool art curriculum...

I have really enjoyed using the "Come Look With Me" series for homeschool art appreciation. Each book has about fifteen pieces of art, a short paragraph about the artist and the piece, and four to five questions to discuss together. I am not particularly art literate, but this is a simple way to add art appreciation to my busy day! I can do one piece a week and get through two books in a year.

I think you could use these books for a very wide age range, PK to 8, perhaps. I have used them with primary grades (K-3); my children like that they are a "short" art lesson. :-) I really like that they are "no prep". This series could make up the "picture study" component if one was using a "Charlotte Mason" approach in their homeschool. At this time in our homeschooling, I am unable to incorporate a full art appreciation program, however, I want my children to experience art, and a little every week adds up over a year!

Dee, thanks for sharing how you fit art appreciation into your homeschool schedule. What a wonderful series of books; a simple, easy-to-use homeschool art curriculum for all of us who are art and time-challenged! Blessings, Heather :)

You can find the "Come Look With Me" Art Series at CBD - up to 23% off the retail price.

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