CollegePlus Homeschool Program

by Kendra Malczyk
(Vashon, WA)

Have you heard of CollegePlus!? The website is I came to your site to see a transcript example and read around a little. I noticed you try and offer helpful advice to homeschool families concerning transcripts for college and college options. So, I thought I would share this with you.

It is Christian through and through and a wonderful idea. I have enrolled my son Courage and he starts the program in just five days. Courage will be working to get dual credit for his homeschool work and college. His coach will guide him through preparing for the CLEP tests and once he finishes this part of CollegePlus! the program will help him enroll in the college of his choice (some colleges do not necessarily recognize CLEP credits and this much be researched by CollegePlus! staff on behalf of the student) and the CLEP credits will be transferred as college credit to that school.

You should research this and see if it is a program that you would like to share with your readers. In the case of my son, he will enroll in Thomas Edison State College upon completion of the CLEP part of the program, they will recognize his homeschool diploma because they will see all of the completed CLEP tests and know that Courage is capable of college level work, will accept all of the CLEP test credits, and Courage will get his bachelor's of history in two years and for $13,000. Different degrees vary in price, but CollegePlus! is committed to helping the student to get a degree in and near $15,000. You simply must at least research this. It is a wonderful program. That is if you haven't already heard about it. Sincerely, Kendra Malczyk

Hi Kendra!
I have heard of CollegePlus! Thanks for taking the time to tell me more about how it works, though. I really appreciate it!
Heather :)

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