College Style Homeschooling

Are you or your kids ready for a little college style homeschooling?

If your students want to accelerate their education and at the same time reduce future college expenses, taking college courses while in high school is a perfect solution... especially for teens who are self-motivated and diligent.

This year my fourteen year old officially started high school and college at the same time.

As she completes the requirements for her high school diploma, some of the courses she will take will also count towards her future college degree.

These same college-level classes will also count towards her high school diploma; also known as dual-credit.

College Style Homeschooling and Saving$

There are many reasons why students and adults choose to earn all or part of their college degree from home.

With college style homeschooling, you study from home on your own time, around other commitments, and eliminate the hassle of commuting to class multiple times during the week; you save money on gas AND maximize your time.

For our family, we will also eliminate the need for an extra car (to my girls' disappointment) and the headache of coordinating schedules to drop-off or pick-up the girls from class. My little ones will also appreciate not having to be disrupted during the day... from school time, play, or naps to go pick up their older sisters.

College Style Homeschooling Resources

Your high school student can take classes in a variety of ways: through a local community college, a distance learning school, or by purchasing course online or offline course materials specifically designed for independent study.

However, always make sure the course credits will transfer to your final degree-issuing institution.

Many colleges (in Michigan, it's a requirement) have an online tool that helps you know what courses will transfer from two-year to four-year colleges in the state.

You will want to find either a Transfer Equivalency Guide - usually a downloadable pdf, or search for the school's Transfer and Equivalency site or webpage. It may also be referred to a Transfer Course Equivalency System. Entering any of those terms into the college's search engine, should bring success.

Study Smart. Enjoy Saving$.

Earning credit by examination provides even more savings for you or your family. Instead of taking a semester to complete a course, your teen can study or review the course material and just take a test. This options is perfect for those who already know a lot about a certain subject through personal reading, study, or from work experience. College exams cost around $70-$100 to take and shave off classroom/study time and fees.

If you would like to join our family in shaving off a large portion of your child's college learning time and drastically reducing that awful college bill through credit by examination - while your kids are working on their high school diploma at home, here's how to do it:

$ix $imple $teps to College Saving$...

When preparing to begin college style homeschooling and earning credit by examination, you will first need to find out if the college your student wants to go to even accepts credit earned by examination, or offers the credit by examination option.

Over 3800 colleges accept credits earned by examination!

Since most colleges accept credit by examination...

1. Go to the college website where you want to get your degree.

2. In their search box, type CLEP, credit by exam, or credit by examination. (This is the easiest way, as I am finding most colleges don't make this information easily accessible... perhaps they would rather you pay full price, who knows?!)

3. Look for a document or webpage that lists all the courses that you can test out of... if you do not see courses listed, always call!

4. You will also want to make a note of how many credit hours they accept by examination; it varies by college.

5. Take the applicable college exams, or if you want guaranteed success find the equivalent course through clep-prep company like

6. Take the rest of your general education transferable courses at your community college before enrolling in a four-year university.

Save time AND loads of money when homeschooling college and/or credit by examination!

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