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InstantCert Academy provides penny-pinching college home schooling students extremely affordable CLEP study and test preparation products to get you ready for exam day - easily and efficiently.

InstantCert Academy is a company that offers extremely affordable online college exam preparation courses for CLEP, DSST, EXE and TECEP tests.

I came across InstantCert when looking for test preparation materials for my daughter who completed an AP Government class this past year at our homeschool co-op.

She decided she wanted to take the CLEP exam instead of the AP exam. She has already gone through the class but wanted to make sure she will do well on the CLEP exam so she won't have to pay to retake the test.

If you are not familiar with CLEP exam costs... CLEP exams cost approximately $80, plus testing centers charge an administration fee ($15-$30 depending on the center). The total cost for taking a CLEP exam is around $100 (some CLEP tests that include essays require an additional fee). The downside of taking a test... if you don't pass, you will have to repay the test fee to retake the test.

Eliminate Wasted Money

I hate wasting money; I'm sure you do too. To ensure that you won't waste your money, it's wise to make sure you are totally prepared for these exams. InstantCert is an affordable and proven way to either refresh your memory before you take the test or accelerate and maximize the time you spend going through college coursework.

InstantCert Academy costs $20 per month or $108 for six months for full access to ALL their test prep courses. The system that InstantCert uses is an online software program that helps students learn material and study for the upcoming test through a series of online flashcards. Once you have gone through the different sections and have learned the material, you will be prepared for the test.

With InstantCert you not only quickly prepare for college-level tests, you actually master the content of the course without having to spend a whole semester in class.

Money-back Guarantee

I really like that they offer a month-to-month option as well as a 30-day money back guarantee. They actually guarantee that you will pass your CLEP exam within your first 30 days. I don't know about you, but I think that is a pretty strong statement. If you try their flashcard method and you can get your money back, no questions asked! They guarantee that you will pass your CLEP exam within your first 30 days.

Free Online Community

You can participate in the forums even if you aren't an InstantCert subscriber. Forum users post helpful information and tips, as well as share their testing experiences to help others who are also preparing to take college tests.

I spent some time reading through the different forum posts. All users seem to be very helpful and encouraging to others; answering questions and offering advice based on their experience. Everyone shares how they scored on the different exams as well as any additional study resources that helped them prepare for examination day.

College home schooling students will find the InstantCert feedback forums an invaluable resource to give their confidence a boost before exam day.

Prep for the CLEP Easily and Hassle-free

Whether you choose to just glean from the free forums or prepare for your exams through their online study guides, you are sure to find success easily and hassle-free. And... All college home schooling students can enjoy some additional savings on an InstantCert subscription through PEAH! Learn more about the InstantCert Academy homeschool discount. Read more...

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