Classical Kids CDs for Homeschool Music Appreciation & History

by Mary Scott Foreman
(Chester, PA, USA)

Homeschool Music or History Resources

Homeschool Music or History Resources

My girls love to listen to stories - sit down with a book and they flock to your side. Their rest time preference is to cuddle with their dolls on the floor and listen to a book on CD. So, when I read about the Classical Kids CDs in a book by Karen Andreola, I immediately requested one from the library to supplement our music appreciation and composer studies.

These CDs are the creation of Susan Hammond, a music teacher who was concerned that a whole generation of children was growing up without any exposure to or knowledge of the great musicians of the past and their music. Each CD is a fact-filled drama about the composer or piece of music and is filled with excerpts from that composer's music. My girls love them (and I love to listen to them, too!)! They can recite facts about the lives of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and Tchaikovsky. What is more exciting to me is that they enjoy listening to "classical" music and get excited when they can recognize a piece and the composer because they have already heard parts of it on their CDs!

My library has several of these in rotation, so we started out there, and then I downloaded most of the ones we have from iTunes, because it is significantly cheaper than buying the CD.

Hi Mary! Thanks so much for recommending the Classical Kids CDs! My older children used to listen to them (on tape) and I had forgotten about them. My younger children will love these! Blessings, Heather :)

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Oct 09, 2015
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by: Homie

The homeschooling tips that are shared here on the page will be of use to the thousands of homeschooled children out there. The posts will also help the parents who are homeschooling their children. Keep on sharing awesome posts like this Telesteps Telescoping Ladder

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