Christian Light Language Arts Curriculum Review: Grade 1-8

by Louisa Swick
(Cazenovia, NY)

Christian Light Homeschool Curriculum Review

Christian Light Homeschool Curriculum Review

Veteran home educator and science-loving mom of seven, reviews Christian Light Language Arts curriculum. Learn more about CLE by reading her insightful review...

I have used these Christian Light Language Arts booklets for 13 years and plan on using them for many more! My now 17 daughter began with these booklets as one who loved to sit and work. THEN, along came the son who (now 14) hated the thought of sitting and writing!!

These booklets (10 per grade level) completely equipped all of my children with the language arts skills needed to be great readers and writers--and they include spelling. They appear simple and a little repetitive, but have done such an amazing job of teaching my children these concepts!!! Even my son (who still doesn't favor sitting still :) has mastered the language concepts and continues to amaze me. My children have done exceptionally well on all standardized tests with no other LA instruction.

As a mother of 7, a doctor, and a lover of SCIENCE, language arts is not my forte. I have to say that I have learned volumes going through these books with my children. That is to is not necessary for you as the teacher to come in to these with expertise in this area. The books are very thorough, and my 3rd grader basically does them without supervision on most days.

You can keep the teacher's guides and just buy new workbooks for each student. I have kept the extra workbooks over the years as well (as some students did not need some of the last books of the year before entering the next level).

These books do NOT have lots of colorful, shiny pages. I thought this might deter my son from using them. However, the lessons are short enough, and the exercises varied enough, that it did keep his interest.

I hope this info will help you in your decision on which LA program you should choose for your family!
May God bless you!

Excellent review of Christian Light curriculum, Louisa! Thanks so much for taking the time to help other parents by providing so much detail, as well as sharing your experience. Others will find your review very helpful! Blessings, Heather :)

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Comments for Christian Light Language Arts Curriculum Review: Grade 1-8

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Jun 03, 2011
Christian Light Education LA grade 5
by: Rosie


I read your review that you have used these for many years and love them. I saw the CLE has a separate writing book that you use to teach writing. What do you think about that? or did you use another type of writing curriculum.

Thanks, Rosie

Jun 22, 2011
Loving Christian Light

As a former private school staff member we began utilizing Christian Light 4 years ago. Immediately we saw results. Our K students test results for the Stanford 10 were between 2nd and 3rd grade level. Many students who couldn't "get" math - not only began to understand it but also enjoyed it. My son who is going into the 5th grade, and now we are homeschooling, had post high school Math results on the spring testing. I heard from several parents both homeschooled and in the school (the school is a homeschool umbrella school) that they learned so much helping their children with language (as the reviewer stated- once from a teacher by profession).
I agree that there is no color etc - but not everything in life is stimulating. Don't pass the curriculum up because of that! This curriculum has enough independence built into it (such as other "pace" programs) but much more application that many curriculums (which I believe is it's success). As a parent I like to bring in many extras to go with the lessons, and complete projects that are memorable learning. It is the advantage of homeschool - to make education an extension of who we are as a family.

Feb 15, 2012
by: Sherri

How well does this curriculum work for those of us who are considering just starting this curriculum? We would be coming in at 7th grade but not working at that level.

Aug 07, 2012
Used for kindergarden, 1st, and 2nd grades
by: Anonymous

I didn't care for the kindergarten curriculum. I think there are better things out there. I really like CLE for 1st and 2nd grade. We use the LA, reading, math (I like the math the best), science, and social studies.

The good:
No color- simple black and white pictures. I find the color workbooks are to distracting and over stimulating for my kids.
Reviews everyday- Every day it teaches a small new part and then reviews past lessons. I like that it is not the learn it now and then forget it type. My kids need the frequent reviews.
Self taught- I still help my 1st grader a lot but my 2nd grader does it by herself and I only help when she doesn't understand something.

The bad-
I'm Christan but I'd like the reading to cover other things other than Bible or religious based thing like history, science, or other learning things.Sometimes it's a little too much religion for us.

Other than that I really like the curriculum and will use it again next year.

Sep 04, 2012
There is a placement test
by: Anonymous

For the lady wanting to know about placement in CL..there is a placement test in the majot subjects to see where your child places.As for the kindergarten curriculum=we love it,There is no fancy colored pictures but the content is fully amazing.You can have your child color the pages if you want color.For the price of the set compared to others out there,all I can say is WOW! Sometimes fancy pictures and high priced stuff just robs you of money and the simpler the better is the best route to take.I would pay big bucks for the best-but if this is good stuff and works-why look for better??

Aug 06, 2015
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