Christian Home School Curriculum: Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum

by Kim Camp
(Lovington, New Mexico)

Learn about Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum and why one family has used this Christian home school curriculum for over ten years...

We have been using the Christian home school curriculum, Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum for over ten years. We love LFBC for its simplicity to use, Bible learning and affordability. It is self-taught, with the teacher/parent helping and explaining where needed.

It's not flashy and colorful as other curriculums can be, but it's a solid education with emphasis on learning and applying Bible truths. Every week in most subjects a Bible verse is memorized and must be written on the weekly quiz. It is very Baptist-centered and only the King James Version of the Bible is used.

The curriculum is also heavy on researching and writing reports. English, history and science usually have weekly reports and literature has book reports every six weeks. Sometimes we get bogged down with the writing assignments and I will pick which ones to have them work on and which ones to skip.

Literature has McGuffy Readers for the younger grades. In math for Algebra and Business Math you can purchase the solution guide (not really needed for business math).

LFBC has a moderate-size list of electives that our children have enjoyed; Cursive Writing, Shop, Home Economics, Spanish I, Principles of Music, Computer Literacy, etc.

Each subject set costs $40 and has workbook/textbook combined, score key, weekly quizes & quarter tests with score keys. They provide score sheets, procedures guide & you can purchase report cards for $1.

All in all, LFBC is a very solid education; it is Bible-based and it is Baptist-centered. It is a very affordable. It has been a perfect fit for our family over the years.

Thanks for reviewing Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum, Kim; I appreciate it! Another affordable option for parents looking for Christian home school curriculum. Blessings, Heather :)

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Oct 10, 2013
It is not the only conservative KJV-based curricula that is affordable. NEW
by: Julie Loveless

We used LFBC for two years. It suited our needs for the time. But we noticed some inconsistencies with it. For instance, second grade Bible, some questions were so dumbed down that it was boring. While the next section might have an essay question that was at a Bible college level. Seriously?! Our kids hovered between boredom and frustration. We prayed about it, because it was the most affordable KJV-based Curriculum we could find. A friend of mine recommended a curriculum that I had never heard of, Christian Light. It is almost as affordable as LFBC, but much better quality, still simple without all the pomp and circumstance of other curricula. Strictly KJV, anabaptist in origin. Although not IFB(which we are), we have yet to come across anything that disagrees with God's Word. The LA and Reading program leaves LFBC in the dust.

I appreciate what Landmark is trying to do. They are doing their best with the resources they have. And I would recommend it to someone in the US who is looking for a cheap curriculum to fill a need. But if you're ordering from Canada, with the hike in shipping costs, I would say it isn't necessarily cheaper than CLE, which ships from both Canadian and USA bases. But if you can afford a few more dollars, and I mean a few, I would strongly recommend Christian Light Curriculum. It takes a lot of the guess work out of teaching and gives me confidence that my children are getting a quality, solid and yet conservative KJV-based education.

Sep 30, 2015
Adrian NEW
by: Anonymous

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Oct 15, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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