Christ Centered Curriculum Homeschool Review

by Charlette Lewis

After trying various phonics and homeschool reading programs, busy mom of seven finds a "keeper" with Christ Centered Curriculum phonics program.

We found the Christ Centered Curriculum phonics such a help for our three youngest children. After trying out several other phonic programs for our first four children, I was dreading teaching phonics another three times. Our youngest children are about a year apart in ages.

I started the Christ Centered Curriculum for the oldest when he was barely five, and in less than three months he was reading. The other children listened and began learning also. The next child was not as fast learning to read, mainly because the five year old was reading everything to the younger ones. So, the younger ones were content to sit back and listen.

Then, the next year we restarted the Christ Centered phonics program but encouraged the older children to "play" the Christ Centered phonics program with their younger siblings instead of just reading to them. It worked double strength!

The older children cemented the phonics into their minds and improved their spelling while putting the excitment of reading into the younger children. The younger children began to read thinking it was more like play. The kids would get the cards out and make up games of guessing the sounds, letters, or stories. They would just see words at the store and would sound them out on their own.

The program was easy to use, portable, and not too hard for someone that had not had phonics themselves.

Yay for homeschool reading programs that work!I have never heard of Christ Centered Curriculum, Charlette; thanks for sharing. CCC sounds like a wonderful, easy-to-use phonics and reading program, that young children love. Happy reading, Heather :)

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