Choosing a Church Related School

by Melanie Evans
(Kodak, TN, USA)

Great questions about homeschool umbrella or church related schools; please share your thoughts to help this mom...

How does one go about measuring the Pros and Cons between the different church related schools? I know in TN, state law says that a "legal" CRS has to be recognized with the state department of Education on a list and be accredited by a mentioned accrediting agency. That's like infringement on the responsibility of the parent to educate their children, isn't it? I do not want to be "illegal" and not even realize it! I also do not want to take part in reinventing the wheel by paying an institution to tell me what's best for my family or children by paying large sums of money, reporting and testing and marching to the beat of another's drum, all while I fit the bill for everything without a tax break!

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