Cheap Online Homeschooling in Mexico

by D.M.Sanchez
(Laguna Niguel CA)

Save money. Learn on your own. Check out some free online homeschooling courses and classes for high school!

Well. I just moved to Mexico today and I'm worrying about school. I have straight A's and I'm a very good student. I've been looking for a way to do homeschooling in Mexico online for free. I can speak Spanish, but I need to take my curriculum in English. I am going to ninth grade and I'm going to take Trigonometry. I can't have the pressure of learning a new language and learning other subjects that is difficult for me. Mexico is different for me and I didn't want to come here but my Grandpa has cancer (I'm not aware of which type) and when my mom told him and my grandma that we will be coming with them, it just made them so happy. I know couldn't do anything about it, and I love my grandparents, it would just be rude to not be with them. It's been about 6 months I've been searching for a cheap online high school. I've read so many responses, but none seemed to help. My parents are reluctant to help me, but they don't know how much school means to me. I have high standards and almost impossible dreams, and I need good curriculum to go to the college of my choice and get the job I always dreamed of.

Three websites to check for cheap online homeschool courses and classes - they're actually free, are:

If you are an independent learner, which it sounds like you are, you will enjoy these courses. You might not find all the courses you need for high school, but its definitely a start. If you are looking for other courses, feel free to ask; there are many affordable online options.

Heather :)

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