Charlotte Mason through Ambleside Online

by Brandi Black
(Boise, ID USA)

Charlotte Mason is a wonderful learning method! My children and I have been through so many different curriculums and we have liked some parts of them but nothing came together for us as well as the Charlotte Mason Method. Ms. Mason's method of using living books, paired with plenty of nature study and outdoor play have made a HUGE difference in our homeschool environment.

We substitute the curriculum with math from Khan Academy, but I love the idea of learning to love learning! My children gain a good rounded knowledge and have fun doing it.

Ambleside Online is free and has made finding living books to use in our curriculum so easy. They even have weekly and daily schedules available in PDF format so that you never have to guess about what to do next! My children couldn't be happier. What parent could ask for more? I am so pleased with Ms. Mason's method that we will never do anything else. The search for our perfect curriculum has ended!

Hi Brandi!
Thanks for taking the time to share more about the Charlotte Mason learning method and Ambleside Online. I have read about the Charlotte Mason method and I agree, it is wonderful; parents struggling with trying to homeschool using the traditional method (textbooks) of education, would benefit from learning about Charlotte Mason.

I have also visited Ambleside
Online and have used many resources in our home school. Recently, I was looking for Pilgrims Progress for a unit we are studying. I needed the book that day (poor planning on my part!). I visited Ambleside to see if they had any suggestions for an online version that would be similar to the one I needed, and they listed a free one that closely followed the original story, but was edited for younger students. My kids loved it and it included chapter questions for discussion.

I love hearing when a family finds the perfect curriculum - thanks for sharing your family's favorite with others!
Heather :)

If you would like to read more about the Charlotte Mason method that Brandi uses in her home school, you will want to read Susan Schaeffer MacAulay's For the Children's Sake. If you want to read exactly what Charlotte Mason teaches, you will want to get a copy of The Original Homeschooling Series by Charlotte Mason. Other good books on the Charlotte Mason method are: The Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola, as well as Catherine Levison's A Charlotte Mason Education and More Charlotte Mason Education. You can find all these books in PEAH's Discount Family Bookstore.

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My Father's World - Charlotte Mason Homeschool Curriculum

by Torri
(Tigard, Oregon)

My Father's World Fosters Love of Learning

My Father's World Fosters Love of Learning

We used the Adventures set in My Father's World two years ago and LOVED it. My Father's World (MFW) is a Charlotte Mason style homeschool curriculum and my oldest daughter fell in love with early American history through this curriculum. Her #1 dream vacation (even above Disneyland) is to visit Williamsburg so she can see life like it was when our country was being founded.

Last year, for some reason, I decided to piece together my own curriculum instead of using MFW - not a total mistake, but definitely a learning process. This fall we are going back to MFW and couldn't be more thrilled.

My Father's World is set up to teach multiple age levels in a five-year cycle. I couldn't be more excited to watch my three girls fall in love with learning - and learn together.

MFW is wonderful in that it has taken out most of the teacher prep time and is also very flexible for adding/taking away anything you choose to (not) do. The authors of MFW have also reviewed thousands of books and recommend about a dozen living books that correlate with each section you are studying.

Most of the recommended books are at the local library which made the trip to the library part of our weekly fun. One thing that we truly love about MFW is that the truth of God's word is not just taught during Bible time, but rather woven through science, history and English. It's a perfect example of how life should be - with God woven throughout, not separated and put in different compartments.

I really don't have a bad thing to say about My Father's World. It is a great curriculum that I would recommend to anyone. There is even a chat/support group for MFW to share creative ideas or ask for help.

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Aug 07, 2009
Good to know
by: Ginger

I am just starting to use A-MFW this year and it is so good to hear such positive things about it. I'm getting so excited about starting this wonderful journey!

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Charlotte Mason Homeschool Approach: 106 Days of Creation Studies Review

by Kristen Cragin
(Wisconsin, USA)

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Science Resource

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Science Resource

Teach science simply and easily using the Charlotte Mason homeschool method and this fun, hands-on, biblical science curriculum for grades K-6th...

I love "106 Days of Creation Studies" science curriculum for Kindergarten and early elementary because it has wonderful living books for suggested reading to go with the lessons; it keeps science simple and fun with occasional science experiments that take very little preparation.

Here and there "106 Days of Creation" gives ideas for Nature Study and has reminders for library orders and space for notes. It's a good over all review of the days of Creation and I think it will lead nicely into other science curriculum. We are using it for Kindergarten and 1st grade.

This science curriculum is very affordable at under $20 and if you are a good planner you can keep ahead of the library books needed so you have them on time!

Kristen, thanks for recommending this easy-to-use science curriculum; I have never heard of it. What a great resource for teaching multiple grades at one time! I found a sample from for those who are interested in the Charlotte Mason homeschool approach or want to more about this science curriculum. Blessings, Heather

Homeschool Savings Tip:
You can purchase this curriculum right from the publisher's website, A print book costs less than $20 (currently $15) or save a few bucks and purchase the ebook version for around $10! Ebook versions are not only cost-effective, you can print work pages right from your computer – no copier needed. :)

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