Charlotte Mason and My Fathers World

by Natalia Fernandez-Perez
(Monmouth Junction, NJ)

Wigwam. 2nd grade Adventures in my father's World.

Wigwam. 2nd grade Adventures in my father's World.

Want to learn more about Charlotte Mason and My Fathers World? Natalia, a homeschooling mom of many, shares about both; check out her informative review...

I've been reviewing and using My Father's World for four years now. I checked it out for a year before using it. I've used it with two kids so far and will be using it with at least five total children by the time I done.

MFW isn't for everyone, although I absolutely love the curriculum for my family.

What I like:

1)The Charlotte Mason approach, it teaches what the child needs to know, at his/her developmental level but doesn't push quantity.

2) Hands on.

3) All laid out for me in daily lesson plans.

4) Totally bible/God centered.

5) They do not rely on the child doing tons of work pages a day in order to accomplish what can be taught one on one & hands on.

6) They focus on getting the child to enjoy learning so that the next twelve plus years aren't a huge struggle and nuisance.

7) One of, if not the cheapest, all inclusive curriculums on the market.

8) Amazing customer service, you can call to ask anything.

What other moms don't like:

Some moms feel that if their child isn't sitting at a desk for eight hours a day doing worksheets, that their child must not be learning. They don't know what or how Charlotte Mason is, or works. They buy the curriculum because it's the cheapest one they find and hate it because it requires for mom to be hands-on about crafts, projects, fun things like counting socks by two, etc... as opposed to giving the child worksheet to count by two from. One of my kids finished Kindergarten work in an hour and a half a day. My second child was a lot more motivated and she finished in forty-five minutes a day.

They learned the same amount just differently. Most My Fathers World newbies think that the curriculum is useless if their kids don't do seven hours of kindergarten work. They truly don't understand the idea behind MFW or Charlotte Mason. It is very light, however
it becomes a rigorous curriculum in the middle school years. That's because a child can't emotionally, mentally, or physically handle the amount of information or work thrown at them earlier.

Many of the moms I've met who have used My Fathers World from kindergarten to high school have kids in MIT & other universities, where they are thriving. It's not light in substance or information, it just takes it easy the first few years when the brain is unable to tolerate the over load of information.

So far I have used Kindergarten twice, 1st grade twice, and Adventures once. I also already have "Exploring Countries and cultures" and I love it.

I suggest that before buying any curriculum you figure out what type of educator you are and buy the curriculum that fits your child and your personality best. Don't just buy the cheapest option.

Charlotte Mason isn't for everyone. I'm not particularly crafty, nor do I enjoy crafting, but I know my kids learn best with hands-on activities, rather than spending four hours doing book work. I love that the bible is the center of every lesson and that there is so much rich information taught in MFW. Especially the amount of time spent on character development, missions mindedness, others centeredness, the love of learning and how every consecutive curriculum/year is intertwined with the last. It builds on the lessons learned the year before. I most love that my kids get all their education in 1-3 hours so that they get to enjoy being children. I know that as they grow and go up in levels, they will be spending more time doing work as the work gets more vigorous. However by then, they won't be a young 6 and 8, and will be better able to handle what's expected, instead of throwing that amount of work on them now, when they would likely learn it for this week and forget it next week or worst burn out in a matter of months.

I want to build in my children a desire, a passion for lifelong learning and that's exactly what My Fathers World does. That's what the Charlotte Mason approach does.

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Aug 07, 2014
Re: Charlotte Mason and My Fathers World
by: Heather

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Natalia, for the helpful and informative review of Charlotte Mason and My Fathers World homeschool curriculum. I appreciate the time you took to help others learn about MFW, and that you included both the pros and cons of this program.

Thanks, also, for including some great pictures so parents can see the many different projects that children will complete. So helpful!

Heather :)

Jun 11, 2015
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Aug 01, 2015
Charlotte Mason and My Fathers World NEW
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