Chalk Dust Basic Math Homeschooling Math Course

by Patricia Cater
(Sacramento, California)

Chalk Dust Homeschooling Math Curriculum

Chalk Dust Homeschooling Math Curriculum

Chalk Dust homeschooling math curriculum includes everything you'll need to teach upper level math easily, without the headaches.

Knowing that teaching higher level math was in the near future for my children, I wanted to find a curriculum that could take over for me when I reached my level of comfort and competence. I decided to start with Basic Math in 6th grade to see if they liked the teacher and if a video course would work for their learning style. The Chalk Dust homeschooling math curriculum consists of DVD's (4), a Textbook and an Answer Book.

Instructor Dana Mosely is very thorough in explaining the concepts. His voice is calm and easy on the ears. He uses a clean chalk board and is very organized. The video instruction covers what is in the textbook. I assign the problems to be completed and then I use the answer book to correct the work.

I feel that this course provides a solid foundation and prepares the students for Pre-Algebra. Both of my children have done well with this program.

A student could use this program on their own without difficulty.

Patricia, great review of Chalk Dust homeschooling math curriculum; thanks for sharing! Blessings, Heather :)

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