Catholic Homeschool Curriculum: Mother of Divine Grace (MODG)

by Mary Cruser
(San Antonio, TX)

Catholic Homeschool Curriculum Review

Catholic Homeschool Curriculum Review

Catholic homeschool curriculum with a Charlotte Mason homeschool philosophy = Mother of Divine Grace.

I have eight children and have been homeschooling for eleven years. When I was faced with the thought of high school transcripts, I decided to enroll my children in Mother of Divine Grace (MODG).

I really like that it based on a living books - Charlotte Mason philosophy. It uses Saxon math - which I already had been using and really love. The books used for literature and history are usually ones I can get at the library. I also enjoy the emphasis on poetry memorization.

My kids like to have a prepared daily list of things they need to do. It is also flexible in that you are still the primary educator. You can move your child ahead, or use a different math program if you want to.

I enrolled my children, because I wanted transcripts. If you don't need that level of support or need transcripts, you can just order the syllabus and do it on your own. I was very glad to have the transcripts when my two oldest applied to college. I really dreaded having to put together a portfolio. I am just not that organized. Since MODG is accredited, the colleges did not question the transcripts at all.

Mother of Divine Grace also provides online classes and teacher support. I have used their additional support to have teachers work one on one with my children for several classes. This was a big help at times when I was overwhelmed or the subject matter was beyond me; Advanced Latin, for example.

If you are looking for a curriculum that is:

1. Classical
2. Based on living books (Charlotte Mason)
3. Rigorous
4. Catholic

I would recommend you look in to MODG.

Mary, thanks for the Charlotte Mason/Catholic homeschool curriculum recommendation - excellent review! Blessings, Heather

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