Catholic Heritage Curricula Review: Pre-K and K

by Rebecca
(Dallastown, PA)

New homeschooling mama shares a helpful Catholic Heritage Curricula review to help you learn more about this easy-to-use homeschool curriculum...

I started using Catholic Heritage Curricula this last year with our oldest daughter when she was 3. I like it because you can pace it to the child. She is bright and can pick up fast so she went through some of it quickly. We also have another daughter on her heals and she just turned two. We are now looking forward to doing K with the 3 (soon to be 4 year old) and some Pre-K with the 2 year old.

I like that CHC offers a "Taste & See Beginner's Special" and we got 10% off. I love that they offer electives or optional enrichment as well. It allowed us to customize what we wanted to do with the girls and consider this a real investment in their futures. Also some of the material can be used for other children and that does help with the cost for later children. I find that some of the optional enrichment can be used over time and is a great family investment. I'm also learning as much as them.

I am very thankful that a friend of mine introduced me to Catholic Heritage Curricula and when I contacted them, they were great over the phone. I was ordering stuff for the school year and noticed that one item was no longer available and they suggested another source to get it. They also added another book to our list at no additional charge. Again, I am new at this but I think they give you a way to ease into homeschooling and get used to it. I like that we control the pace, and it is, I think, the best bang for our dollar at this stage in the game. May God Bless you as you home school.

Great Catholic Heritage Curricula review, Rebecca; thanks so much for sharing! Blessings, Heather :)

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Catholic Heritage Curriculum (CHC) Review

by Susan
(League City, TX , USA)

When we began homeschooling, we started out very eclectic, but soon discovered we liked the ease of Catholic Heritage Homeschool Curriculum.

The lesson plans are great. They have the core subjects listed, along with electives for each grade level. The elementary years have a four day schedule, allowing for you to take a day off each week for errands, doctor visits, etc. without ruining your entire school week.

The lesson plans allow for you to substitute another curriculum if the CHC material is not a fit for you.

The material is what they call 'gentle', but is thorough.

My main problem is that the material and true plans end with intermediate/middle school.

I highly recommend this for the elementary and middle school years.

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Aug 04, 2009
Very Flexible!
by: Anonymous

I agree, it's a wonderful thorough curriculum. I love that it is flexible and allows for substitutions of material if necessary. I also like that if you just do what is suggested in the lesson plans, it may seem too little, but you are getting just what you need. If you want to do more, you can. So on some days, we get the extra "gumption" and we do extras, but other days we don't and I don't feel like my kids are missing out on anything.

This curriculum also seems to work well with my child who has a chronic illness and doesn't always have a lot of energy to give to school work. It's a perfect fit to us!

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Catholic Heritage Curricula Review

by a Happy Homeschooling Mom

Charlotte Mason-like Catholic Homeschool Curriculum

Charlotte Mason-like Catholic Homeschool Curriculum

I have used Catholic Heritage Curricula, (an easy-to-use and flexible Catholic homeschool curriculum) for one year now. We started in Kindergarten and loved it. It wasn't too heavy, but just right as far as workload.

What I love most about CHC are the lesson plans. They are simple to use and really help us stay on track. I also love that the Catholic faith is nicely intertwined in most of the text books used by them. I think our Math book for next year, might be the only secular text we'll be using.

I also love Catholic Heritage’s reading program; it is really simple and really works.

As far as cost, you buy it in kindergarten and it lasts all the way through grade 1, so a great deal! I also love our science book for Grade 1. It's very Charlotte Mason-like and will allow us so much flexibility in learning.

All in all, I'm very pleased with CHC homeschool curriculum and looking forward to grade 1.

Thanks so much for sharing your review of CHC. I think other parents, especially those looking for affordable Catholic homeschool curriculum, will find it very helpful. Enjoy first grade! :) Blessings, Heather

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Catholic Homeschool Curriculum: Catholic Heritage Curriculum

by Donna Goldie
(Blackfoot, Id USA)

Affordable Catholic Homeschool Curriculum

Affordable Catholic Homeschool Curriculum

CHC is a very easy going Catholic homeschool curriculum. I love it because so many of the Catholic curriculum options out there are so overly focused on academics.

CHC is a gentler approach that follows the Montessorri method. Its lessons plans are not a day-by-day type, but rather give suggestions on various subjects using its recommended books.

My favorite book so far is Little Stories for Little Folks reading program. I have used other programs to teach my older children to read but LSLF is by far my favorite approach.

I have used Catholic Heritage Curriculum for about two years now. I have taught K, 4th, 5th. It is very affordable compared to other Catholic homeschool curriculum.

While I love the Language of God series, I found that in 5th grade the books are seriously lacking a thorough explanation for various parts of speech. I hope they fix this.

Thanks for the Catholic Heritage Curriculum review, Donna! Parents looking for Catholic homeschool curriculum will find your experience very helpful. Blessings, Heather :)

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