Can Other Experienced Adults Home School My Child?

by Paula Swift
(Wyoming, MI)

Me?! Home School My Child? Really?

Me?! Home School My Child? Really?

Have you ever thought, "I can't home school my child!", but discovered you really can do it? Can you encourage this working single mom?

I have a 10 yr old son who has ADHD and has struggled with social and academic issues for years because he works better one on one. He hates sports, is not social (he has large family of cousins he socializes with though), he gets bullied a lot and gets in trouble by those who knows how to get him trouble. Medication does not help because he develops severe facial tics. I am single mom with the only source of income. Do parents home school other children and if so, how do the costs work?

Another option is to work second shift so I can home school him during day but I am not confident or comfortable that I can give him a good education.

Any input would be so very appreciated. Thank you.
Paula Swift

Hi Paula,
Many parents can't home school full time for various reasons and hire other experienced home educators, teachers and other professionals to teach their child/ren. The costs vary depending on the person you hire.

I would suggest that you contact or join a local support group to find out about tutors or other classes for home schoolers in your area. Participating in a home school co-op is a great way to take classes; especially those you don't feel comfortable teaching.

I just realized where you are from and you will find LOTS of home schooling families and support in your area. You should contact The Home School Building located in your town:

The Home School Building
5625 Burlingame Avenue Southwest
Wyoming, MI 49509-9702
(616) 532-9422

I used to think I couldn't home school my child too – it was all very overwhelming to me when I first started thinking about home schooling my oldest daughter. I quickly learned that home schooling really isn't that hard - you can do it, Paula!
Blessings, Heather

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