Can I Use Ace Homeschool Curriculum with A Public Homeschool Program?

by Jennie
(Anchorage, Alaska)

Public Homeschool Question

Public Homeschool Question

I am going through a state funded homeschool program. Are aces paces allowable?

Hi Jennie,
What state funded homeschool program are you enrolling in?

My first thought would be no, I do not think they would allow you to use ACE curriculum if it is a government-funded program.

You may have this option through private umbrella-type schools and organizations, where you can choose the curriculum you want to use but with government programs, you usually don't have that freedom.

Most government programs are one-size fits most, for cost reasons. The "best" curriculum is chosen that will (hopefully) work with the majority of the students.

ACE curriculum is also Christian curriculum, which is another reason why I think that a government-funded or public homeschool program would not let you use this curriculum.

However, I would contact the school and ask if parents can choose the curriculum or if it's chosen for you.

If you find out that you can choose, will you come back and post that information for other home educators?

Thanks so much!

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Sep 08, 2009
Re: Using ACE Homeschool Curriculum Via a Public Homeschool Program
by: Heather

I'm going to change my answer on this a little. This past week I learned that Alaska homeschoolers do purchase their curriculum through "public homeschool programs" - not sure if all do.

Anyway, I learned that homeschoolers have successfully ordered Christian curriculum, however some books were not delivered due to their Christian content.

So definitely contact the school. Perhaps someone else can add more information when they come across this post.

Hope this helps.

May 15, 2015
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