Can I Homeschool My Child in Just One Class - Spanish?

by Tracy Leone

Homeschool Spanish Help

Homeschool Spanish Help

My daughter is having some trouble in Spanish this year. She is an A student, however in Spanish she is getting a D! She had an A last year. I really believe it is a problem with the teacher. We met with her at recent parent teacher conferences and both my husband and I did not really have a good feeling about her.

Anyway, I did speak with the principal with little success. I have also talked with many other parents who are extremely unhappy with this particular teacher's performance. We all have typically very good A students who are getting C's and D's now in Spanish. The principal did say 52% of all the 7th grade Spanish students are getting a C or below. I think that's a terrible statistic!

After speaking with several people I have come to the conclusion that the school is unwilling to do anything about this teacher and they make it almost impossible to switch teachers since there is only one other teacher who teaches only one class each day (she's at a nearby middle school the rest of the day).

It occurred to me late last night that I could possibly home school my daughter in Spanish! Is it possible to homeschool just one class? Our school has the International Baccalaureate (IB) program so children who wish to receive the IB diploma must take 5 years of the same language. Thank you for your help and any suggestions you may have!
Sincerely, Tracy Leone

Hi Tracy!
Yes, you can homeschool your daughter for one class. There are several homeschool Spanish courses that are popular with homeschoolers.

Rosetta Stone
You will find Rosetta Stone homeschool Spanish programs discounted 10% with free shipping at CBD.
Read a review of the Rosetta Stone Chinese course; it will give you an idea of what to expect with their Spanish course.

Auroralog's Tell Me More
You will find information on the Auroralog homeschool Spanish edition on their website. You can also sign-up for a free trial to see if it will work for you and your daughter.

The Learnables
The Learnables publishes an affordable homeschool Spanish curriculum that many homeschoolers use.
Read a the Learnables homeschool Spanish review that another home educator posted on this website.

Transparent Language
You can download Free Spanish Software from Transparent Language. I haven't checked into this program fully but am looking forward to finding out more about this company and their products.

If you like this program, you can save 10% off any order $50+ - Use the code: TURKEY10 at checkout. Use TURKEY15 if you order $100 or more, or if your order is $125 or more, use TURKEY20. All these offers expire 11/30/2010.

Another option you may want to look into before purchasing a program is to check your local library. Some libraries provide free Spanish or foreign language programs through their websites or library computer systems.

Here is a doc from the website regarding high school credit and how/where credits can be earned (see page 2).

As far as the International Baccalaureate (IB) program that your school participates in, your daughter's school may require her to take a year end test or similar to make sure she has completed the necessary requirements for this program. You will have to talk to your school for more information about that.

Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Others website visitors may provide more information or additional guidance.

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Nov 19, 2012
IB program and Spanish
by: Anonymous

I am having the exact problem with a Spanish class my daughter is having. The teacher is teaching multi-level Spanish class. She has focused only on the Level 5 student. My daughter is in the same class, same hour, same teacher, however, the Level 4 students are only told what to read. They get no other help from the teacher. I have gone to the curriculum principal, and have gotten no help. I too posed this question to the curriculum principal. She taught I was insane for even asking. I also want to know if I can homeschool my daughter for Spanish class using Rossetta Stone version 3 homeschool. (IB parent)

Jan 06, 2015
one class
by: Anonymous

The link above doesn't work for me, and I'm being told by my daughter's school that I cannot home school her in just one class (Spanish - in which I have a Master's Degree). Please advise! Brenda Rau

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