Can I Homeschool Math Only?

by Gracie
(Lodi, New Jersey)

Enthusiastic mom wonders if she can homeschool math only - the one subject her son loves most!

My son is about to complete 2nd Grade. Since he loves Math and I love teaching it, can I homeschool him during summer for 3rd Grade (Math only)?

By September, would his (public) school consider it and have him on 4th grade for Math?

Hi Gracie,
Yes, you can homeschool your son for one subject only; many parents do. However, you will need to ask your school to see if they will allow him to move up a grade if he is ahead. Each school is different; some are very flexible, while others are not.

What a great opportunity for you to try out homeschooling this summer! You love teaching the subject that many parents feel unqualified to teach. You never know, you may decide that you love homeschooling and want to homeschool him for all subjects! :)

Heather :)

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