Can I Hire a Homeschool Teacher or Do I Have to Do It?

by Donna

Homeschool Question

Homeschool Question


I just moved to South Carolina. My daughter will be entering 7th grade. For the past several months we have discussed home schooling as an option. She struggles a bit academically and socially she struggles to fit in. Though not officially diagnosed with anything, she does exhibit the social awkwardness associated with aspergers syndrome.

I have been trying to read about homeschooling but not sure that I am understanding it fully.

Do I have to be the one to home school her or is there a way I can hire a home school teacher to teach my daughter in our home?

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Jul 20, 2010
hello from sc
by: mrs dani

Hello from SC!!!!!Homeschooling is a great option for a state thet is LAST in the nation in education. We have 2 things to dicuss.

First the law. Here is the extreme short version. YOu can find the whole law by going to and click on the US map and then on SC and get the whole law.

There are 3 ways to legally homeschool here.

1- You can go through SCAIHS (SC Association of Independent Homeschools) which is an accountablity & Support group. They offer a host of service from picking the right curriculum to keeping records for you to helping you find sports teams. They do more than I can list.

2- you can go through the school district which I NEVER suggest you do. You are only a public school kid at home. Which honestly, if the education was any good, you would keep them in public school. You are also at the whim of person in charge of Homeschoolers in that district.

3- Third option. You must belong to a homeschool group with no less than 50 members. There are too many of these to count. Each group sets up its own requirements.

I am actually 1st & 3rd option.

Now lets discuss you. I caught something in your response. You asked if you had to be the one to teach them? No matter the option a parent must provide 51% of the teaching. Perhaps I read you wrong (it is hard to tell one's tone of voice on the internet) but it seems like you really would rather not teach. While it may be the best for your child, if you are not willing to do what it takes, you might should not do this. Even if you hired a teacher, you would still have to be involved in your child's education. If you would rather not put the effort and time into it, for the sake of your child, put them in a private school instead. Contact Schais ( and get the info. Get educated on the matter and get to know some support groups before you decide. Good Luck!

Dec 08, 2010
Im interested in hiring a teacher for homeschooling
by: Anonymous

I understand that I would still be involved and that would be great. I tried homeschooling my girls once before and loved it but at some point my girls were ahead of me on some subjects lol. So I put them back in a public school so they wouldn't fall behind. Only thing is , the school isn't that great either. That's why I'm wanting to start homeschooling them again but with an actual teacher so I know they are where they need to be. How do I begin looking for a teacher to come to my house and about how much would it cost. How do I get started? Please HELP! Thanks...

Dec 19, 2011
i need help in school
by: shaelyn

i what to start homeschooling because i need excita help

Jan 21, 2012
I need A homeschool teacher
by: Urayner Jackson

I need a homeschool teacher for my two kids christina and antonio can you please reply back to me my email address is and my number is 469-685-2461 can you please contact me back or email me Thank You?

Mar 31, 2012
Homeschool Concern

My family will be moving back to the united states from Japan May 7, 2012. My kids have never attended school in the states but speak both English and Japanese.
However, My daughter who is 10 years old, is having serious problems academically. She is not interested in studying AT ALL in spite of many tutors and help from friends.

I'm thinking to have her homeschooled before having her attempt to enter any public schools.

Any suggestions??????


May 18, 2012
Its not always a bad thing to hire a tutor
by: Anonymous

I too am looking for a teacher to homeschool my children due to my health limitations. I don't think society should be so quick to judge the reasons why people want to hire tutors. you just never know what is going on in people's personal lives that would prohibit them from teaching. We have tried private schools only to discover the overwhelming lack of respect most kids have for their teachers, as well as the lack of a proper Christian upbringing, made this an unacceptable option for us.

Jun 12, 2012
homeschool teacher/tutor
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am a certified teacher who homeschools. I am in the upstate of South Carolina and looking to help other families who need help with homeschooling their children.

Jun 12, 2012
Homeschool Teacher/Tutor
by: Heather

Can you contact me with your name and contact info? Parents contact me from time to time and I would like to have your info on hand to pass along to them as a possible tutor.

Jun 21, 2012
Question for Homeschool teacher/tutor upstate SC
by: Suzy

Are you located near Lake Wylie? What subjects would you be willing to teach? WOuld you do that at your home or mine? Thanks!

Jul 21, 2012
I am a tutor.
by: Jodi

I am a tutor in Hartsville, SC. I work with public, Christian and home school students. I was a classroom teacher and have tutored for seven years.

Jul 30, 2012
Homeschool Teacher
by: Anonymous

My husband is a certified teacher in Texas. If you need a homeschool teacher, you can email him at We are moving to either Dallas or Austin in a week.

Aug 21, 2012
hiring a teacher
by: Suzy

I live in Lake Wylie,SC not Texas.:) Although, I'm not a teacher, I decided to homeschool on my own this year. I think with a change of curriculum we'll do better this year. Thank you!

Oct 30, 2012
I need a teacher
by: Anonymous

I need to hire a teacher to help homeschool my child who is 6. We reside in Minnesota if anyone can help please email me at

Jun 19, 2013
Homeschooling in Georgia
by: C. Browne

I am a certified teacher, who does not believe in a one-size fits all educational model. If you live in Georgia and would prefer to homeschool and need help, I can help.
If you are looking for a low-cost, flexible, relaxed, academically stimulating, small group alternative for your child(ren), this is it!!

Mar 17, 2014
homeschool teacher in Hickory nc
by: Anonymous

Hi I am a mom looking to hire a homeschool teacher for my son. He is having some behavioral issues at the private school he is attending. please contact me if you are available to teach this coming fall.

Jun 21, 2014
looking for teacher to homeschool my children
by: Anonymous

I am looking for a teacher to homeschool my children. I have a 6 year old entering 1st grade and a 4 year old entering prek. We are located in Fairfield, Ca. I taught my six year old how to read and my 4 year old his numbers, shapes, alphabets and sounds. I feel like I have reached my plateau. Please email or contact me if you are interested and can help.


Sep 20, 2014
Science, anyone?
by: Learntogether

I am currently a very successful science teacher at a great middle school. I really enjoy exploring science with my kids through hands on exploration, but would love smaller groups and a real world approach. My average class size is thirty students. Is there interest out there in the homeschool world for holistic and explorative science classes? Would this be something you would pay a certified teacher for?

Dec 03, 2014
Certified Teacher Looking To Homeschool
by: Anonymous

I am a K-6 certified teacher that is currently teaching in New Bern, NC. I am looking to leave the public education system to help families with homeschooling. I am a 26 year old female that would be willing to teach from my home or yours. I am hoping to begin homeschooling by fall 2015. Contact me if you are interested by email.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Jan 07, 2015
Looking for a teacher to homeschool my five year old son
by: Anonymous

I live in tucson, AZ and I am really interested in homeschooling my son. I have a full time job and so does my husband. I'm will to pay for a good teacher to teach my son at our home. If there is someone interested you can email me at

Jan 15, 2015
Homeschool Charleston, SC
by: Anonymous

I'm interested in hiring someone to homeschool my high schooler in Charleston, SC. My email is Phone is 843-343-4235

Jan 23, 2015
Looking for someone to homeschool my 15 yr old daughter in Palm beach county, florids
by: Anonymous

I am looking for someone to homeschool my 15 year old daughter in Palm Beach County, Florida. She is struggling in math and science. She has a little anxiety while at school which causes her to focus around her instead of her class work. She would do better in a small group or one on one. I hope to find someone that already homeschools small groups or their own children. She is a freshman in high school.

Feb 11, 2015
Homeschooling needed in Suwannee, Ga.
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm looking for someone to homeschool my 8 year old. She is in the third grade but we feel that she is not ready for 4th. She is a little young and not really mature enough to go on to the 4th grade. We also have some problems with her focusing and staying on task. I will be moving to Suwannee, Ga. and would like to have something lined up for the beginning of the 2015 school year. Thank you.

Mar 09, 2015
Looking for Someone to Homeschool in Evans, GA
by: Keri Cross

I am looking for someone to homeschool my 9 year old daughter Caroline in Columbia County, GA. Any contacts in this area would be much appreciated. My email is:

Mar 09, 2015
homeschool help needed
by: Anonymous

We are in need of a certified teacher to help homeschool our 7yr old son who has ADHD and having lots of trouble being in public school. Mom has tried homeschool before and found it very difficult to be both teacher and Mom at the end of the day. We are in the Broken Arrow, Ok area. Please Help!!!!

Mar 10, 2015
please help
by: Georgia mom looking to hire a private teacher

Im looking in to putting my 6year old son in home school this up coming year but would like to hire a teacher to teach him in my home is this legal todo in Georgia?

Jun 02, 2015
Looking for Homeschool teacher NEW
by: Anonymous

I am looking into homeschooling my 2 children and I need a teacher with experience K-6. Please email me at


Jun 02, 2015
location NEW
by: Anonymous

Where are you located?

Jun 02, 2015
Home school in Florida NEW
by: Lisa

I am looking for someone to home school my
Daughter for 10th grade in South Florida/ Palm Beach County

Aug 24, 2015
I need to hire a homeschooling teacher for my 8th grade daughter in martinsburg wv, how can I hire a homeschooling teacher??? Help please! NEW
by: Anonymous

I need to hire a homeschooling teacher for my 8th grade daughter in Martinsburg WV, How can I hire a homeschooling teacher??? Help please

Oct 26, 2015
teacher NEW
by: michelle

I am looking for someone to homeschool my daughter who is in 8 the grade we live in South Elgin Il

Jan 01, 2016
need a homeschooling teacher NEW
by: Rachelle

I live in the Houston area and I'm wanting a homeschooling teacher to help with my 3rd grade. As of now she's stil, in public school.

Jan 10, 2016
by: Anonymous

I am looking for someone to home school my
Daughter for 10th grade in South Florida/ Palm Beach County -

Jan 10, 2016
Homeschooling Versailles Ky NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm looking to Homeschool my 14 yr old daughter she's in 9th grade and has an IEP for learning disability and also social behaviour issues. I'm looking for someone to be the main teacher and we will help her at home in the evenings. Any suggestions please! She needs out of public school now. Please Help!

May 03, 2016
Homeschooling NEW
by: Anonymous

I am a single mom of a 15 year old who is having ongoing issues at the school she currently attends in Orange County NY. I would like to home school her but work full time. Can I have someone home school her for me? Can I request the school to provide homeschooling for her since it is related to bullying, harassment and feeling intimidated in her current school? Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Jun 02, 2016
Need great teacher in Dallas NEW
by: Katherine

I am looking for an energetic, motivated homeschool teacher for my 7th grade daughter. She is great and I want a great teacher for her. Please email me

Jul 31, 2016
Teacher NEW
by: Anonymous

I am an educator in Jacksonville or Orange Park area. I have my Masters in Education amd pursuing my doctoral program. If are looking for a teacher email me

Aug 06, 2016
Hire a private homeschool teacher! NEW
by: Ashley

Hello if you are seeking a private homeschool teacher please check out the following website:

Through our website we connect parents and families seeking a private homeschool teacher to a trained and licensed teaching professional. Depending on your specific search criteria we will match you with an educator best able to meet your child’s specific needs.

Look forward to speaking with you personally!

Best regards,

Aug 06, 2016
Florida private homeschool teacher NEW
by: Anonymous

Looking for a private homeschool teacher in South Florida for an 11th grader

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