Can I, at Seventeen, Enroll Myself in Homeschooling?

by Sierra Sky
(Trenton, Missouri, United States.)

My mother kicked me out on the side of the highway, and when I went to my public school she has ruined my school and called me truant when I was in sick in the hospital and caused me to have 3 days of OSS and I'm wondering, since at 17 in Missouri I am legally an adult can I enroll myself in homeschooling, without my mom? I am very smart, my GPA is 3.5 and I can do this on my own. I just don't know my legal rights.

Hi Sierra,
If Missouri considers you a legal adult at 17, then you probably don't need to register to homeschool. Here is a link to the Missouri homeschooling laws.

I would like to recommend a website to you that is free and has lots of high school and college level classes that you can complete on your own. It is called My 17yo daughter is completing classes via Hippocampus and has really enjoyed their courses so far.

Good Luck!
Heather :)
PS I love your name!

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