Calvert Homeschool Program Review

by Sarae B.

I have used the Calvert homeschool program with two female students for the past three years. The 6th and 7th grade curricula are very lengthy and challenging. Lots of reading, projects, and the math covers a lot of what will be taught in 8th, like pre-algebra and geometry. My student went on to become a Stanford OHS student; she is doing well.

The 1st-3rd curricula are excellent. I knew it would be. My other student learned to read in one year and is now 9 years old and reads at a 4-5th grade level; her math skills are decent and she just started division. I recommend the program with Singapore Mathematics and the ATS service.

Calvert homeschool program is far from cheap, but it is worth the price if you like a smooth transition, traditional schooling, and some very interesting assignments. At times they have special offers that may reduce the price up to 30%; they also sell individual programs with phonics and writing. The arts are not significantly covered, but my 3rd grader loves the Greek Mythology lessons and enjoys some of the art projects as well.

The Learning Guide lesson manual is an excellent way to do minimal preparation and still take great advantage of the program. There is a checklist with all the subjects covered, an overview of assignments, and the materials/books needed. You do not feel like you are stuck on a computer or really needing to do hours of planning. The material that is sent
is also available online, just in case you forget a manual.

The online program also has information covering spelling, educational videos with Annie and Moby, and the student has to complete checkpoints for about every core subject and math. When a checkpoint is complete, the attendance is taken for that day. There is a student portal and a Learning Guide portal, but they have about the same info, except the guide is able to look at progress, attendance, and ATS service reports.

You can also view the tests that come in a manual online as well. The tests are taken manually and then sent with any projects to the certified ATS teacher to be checked. This process takes about a week. Grades are posted a few weeks later and can be compared.

There are 160 lessons for math and academics (core), then eight exams (one every 20 lessons). There are reviews every ten lessons and students are also recommended books to keep the reading going apart from what the curriculum offers. It is an overall awesome program. I have experience with Pearblossom and Laurel Springs for higher grades. Laurel Springs is definitely better than Pearblossom, btw. Hope this Calvert homeschool program review helped!

Sarae, your Calvert review is helpful! Thanks for taking the time to help other parents learn more about this homeschool program. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated! Blessings, Heather :)

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