Calvert Homeschool Curriculum Review

by Samantha

Worry-free Calvert Homeschool Solutions

Worry-free Calvert Homeschool Solutions

Calvert homeschool is a very thorough classical education curriculum. Grades 1-8 are offered, along with an option for "ATS"--Advisory Teaching Service which offers instructional support for the home-educator. There are daily teaching guides that come along with the curriculum that lays out each day of instruction for the entire academic year. This offers a great deal to the home-educator who isn't sure of what to do or fears 'not covering everything.' For those who prefer flexibility or desire to 'rest on a topic' for a while this can cause some issues with planning/reorganizing. There are loads of online resources if whole curriculum is purchased (online daily plans, specific lesson online helps in math, computer course, etc.)

The Calvert homeschool spelling program is one of my family's favorites. This course runs with an interactive CD-Rom and has an accompanying workbook. My family finds the spelling enjoyable and they have success mastering each week's lessons. Calvert Math in its content and explanation is excellent. Each lesson is pretty much self-explanatory to the student (for home-educators who aren't very comfortable in this area). Each text comes with a workbook that presents the concept and hands-on practice each day. Math and Spelling are both available individually if the
rest of the curriculum doesn't interest your family. Our family has found multiple errors in the math answer keys, but up to the 6th grade level haven't had issue spotting them.

Calvert is definitely a language arts based homeschool curriculum--a great deal of reading and writing. If you have a child that thrives in this area, the literature selections and the plans the teacher guides lay out will be enjoyable. My family had to learn to be flexible since they're mostly hands-on/visual learners. We used the curriculum for grades 3, 4, 5, and 6. Due to the learning styles of our children we now only purchase the math and spelling. We re-use the math and spelling curriculum among children. The spelling is very inexpensive (under $30) and well worth every penny. The Math is a little more than we like to spend ($125) but the ease of the workbook makes it worth it for us.

Great review of Calvert's homeschool curriculum, Samantha! Very thorough, helpful and well-written. Many Blessings,
Heather :)

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