California Distance Learning: Seascape Private School

by Ella
(Studio City, CA)

I graduated from Malibu Cove High School distance learning program and recommend it. I had studied abroad for two years of high school and wanted to use those credits, have outside experience (work, travel, etc) counted and make up the last few classes I needed to have a US diploma. They're very open to making it work - I even received credit for Spanish taught in a French speaking school. :)

As a student, you need to be motivated to learn. You mail in assignments once a month, so scheduling your study is very important. The great part is that besides the books they send you, everything else you need can be found anywhere (paper, calculator, etc). I was able to study from home, on planes, wherever I happened to be.

I would suggest having a laptop with the basics, including a calendar of reminders of what needs to be worked on. It makes it easy to have all your work ready to print up and sent in. The price was very reasonable, especially considering it includes everything!

Ella, thanks for taking the time to help others learn about Seascape Private School/ Malibu Cove High School Distance Learning Program. Your thoughts will be very helpful to other parents and students looking for a worry-free, flexible way to homeschool. Blessings, Heather :)

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