CA Virtual Academy K12 Frustration

by michele

Frustrated mom shares her experience with CA Virtual Academy K12 online school; read her story to learn more...

My daughter started public school this year. We were so excited for the year to begin. As a Kindergarten student there should have been so much to look forward to. The excitement died immediately, replaced with fear and tears, waking up with nightmares screaming, thanks to 3 bullies hitting her, teasing her, verbally assaulting her, spitting on her, etc. As soon as I found out about this I asked the Principal and Teacher to step in, they did nothing! I was forced to take my child out of school for her safety but I had no "plan B". I got busy and found a program CA Virtual Academy. It's an online school. This has been a tremendous struggle.

I'm overwhelmed with having to read and respond to endless emails from everyone it seems at the school. I stopped opening the email after realizing I was spending over 4 hours just responding to BS! In addition the teacher is very nice and although she bombards me with calls and voice mail, we have not received the most important component of the program beside the student...the loaner-learner computer which was promised. We signed up on 9/22 and have not received it yet. Still waiting.

So with that said, we have not started the classes and I'm getting this many emails etc? I
called the teacher and left a message 3 days ago, advised while I am still waiting for the computer and not able to begin my child's classes, meanwhile we are wasting valuable time and falling behind. I told her not to contact me and that I will call her when the computer arrives and that I will have more information and hopefully have a decision if this is the right program for my child. Well the teacher ignored my request and has called repeatedly leaving messages and I'm not home I'm still out checking out other local schools with hesitation and desperation. So today the teacher calls my "emergency contact person" whom I provided to the school FOR AN EMERGENCY PURPOSE ONLY!!! The contact, my mother who just had a stroke, calls me today frantic stating the teacher called her and says something was wrong and she had to reach me. Final straw. I'm done. Too much material and senseless emails and calls and now this! DONE! I'm guessing she works on commission?!

Wow, Michelle, what a frustrating experience! Thanks for taking the time to share it, as well as your thoughts about CA Virtual Academy with others. I hope you find a good fit for your daughter. If you would like to try independent homeschooling, there are many curriculum options, etc. that are available. Blessings, Heather :)

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Oct 13, 2012
there are other free options! NEW
by: Cynthia C.

I am so sorry to hear about your horrible introduction to public and then homeschooling! I wanted to let you know that there are other free options out there (much better than K12 which I used and then dropped as well) in Ca. as well as numerous vendors depending on what type of homeschooling your looking for. Where in CA are you? For K, you shouldn't worry about doing too much yet, so don't worry that she's falling behind. K isn't even a required grade to take. Have her read fun stories, read-alouds, go over letters, numbers, colors, etc.

Jun 29, 2015
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Aug 04, 2015
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