Buying Used Home School Curriculum Top Ten Tips

by Carol
(San Antonio, Texas)

Stack Up Your Used Home School Curriulum Savings

Stack Up Your Used Home School Curriulum Savings

I have been homeschooling for 11 years now, and have become a master of buying used home school curriculum.

Here are my best ten tips to save you time and money:

  • Buy only the latest edition (easier to resell).

  • Buy only from a smoke free seller.

  • Buy only books that are in good condition - without writing or highlighting in them. You have to check the books yourself, or ask seller if buying online.

  • Take a list of what you need to purchase to a used curriculum sell in your area (check with local home-school support groups to determine when and where their sell is.)

    If you can, take the current curriculum catalogues along with you. That way you can check code numbers/ISBN and prices to make sure you are getting the latest copy of the book(s)at an acceptable price.

  • Co-purchase books with a close friend.

    Some curriculum have several books that are meant to be used in any order. While your friend uses one book, you use another and then trade. After you are both finished with the books, sell them and split the profit.

  • Look for free and easy-to-use used curriculum web sites.

    My favorite web site to find used curriculum is It is both free to post and easy to use!

  • Never let your student write in the books.

    If it is meant to be consumable, you can photocopy the pages for him/her to write in. It is easier to resell an entire set than individual books. (Most publishers allow photocopies as long as they are for a single family use and not being sold.)

  • If you have two children using the same book (ie a foreign language), photocopy the consumables for each child. Then resell the entire set.

    (Again, check photocopy rights. Most allow this for single family use.)

  • Take care of your books.

    If you take good care of the books, you can resell them at the end of the school year for almost the same price as you paid used for them.

  • If you purchased books for a specific program (ie TOG* or IEW**,) resell them on their sites.

    You will be able to get more for them as someone is specifically looking for them.

I hope this information helps you in your quest to buy and sell used home school curriculum.

*Tapestry of Grace
**Institute for Excellence in Writing

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