Brave Writer Review

by Alexis
(Warren County, OH)

Looking for a homeschool writing program? Read this helpful Brave Writer review to learn about this curriculum and its creator...

I first heard Julie Bogart, the owner of Brave Writer, at the Midwest Homeschool Convention about three years ago.

I really liked her ideas on encouraging writers so I bought the Writer's Jungle which goes through the writing process for all ages and Help for High School which is addressed to teens and covers Expository essays and about the same information as is in the Kidswrite Intermediate
online class which she offers.

Julie is very dynamic and offers excellent ideas. She also offers online classes on different aspects of writing and literature, a book club and a wealth of ideas through, which we have used and plan to use again.

I highly recommend her classes and products. They have been well worth the money.

Thank you so much for sharing your Brave Writer review. I appreciate the time you took to help other parents learn about Julie Bogart and her homeschool writing program - your experience are very insightful. Blessings, Heather :)

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