Bob Jones University Homeschool Review: Science 1 for Christian Schools

by one happy mom

Bob Jones University Homeschool Curriculum

Bob Jones University Homeschool Curriculum

New homeschooling mom finds an inexpensive Bob Jones University homeschool treasure for science exploration...

I am a new homeschooling parent and I just began homeschooling my 4 and 5 year old. Starting out my biggest fear wasn't wondering if the kids could do it but if I could. When I first started I had a very hard time finding an inexpensive science book for my son who had just started kindergarten. I didn't want to spend too much on a book because I wasn’t quite sure if home schooling was a good idea.

So I began using an old book that I had from when I was younger. It was full of experiments but it became a lot of work because before I would give my son an assignment I had to edit the book to fit our values.

I soon began searching again for a science book and praying to God to help me find the perfect book for my child. God answered my prayers in about 3 days. I found a book on Ebay (excellent place to buy your curriculum from very affordable) called Science 1 and it is perfect. I only paid .99 for it. If you want your little ones to have a fun time learning about God and science simultaneously then this is the book you need! I haven't started teaching out of it yet but my husband and I read the whole book and we love it!

Wishing you many blessings as you embark on your scientific exploration with your children! Thanks for sharing this Bob Jones University homeschool resource with others - its much appreciated! Blessings, Heather :)

If you are interested in this book for your child, you can find the revised version in our online bookstore.

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Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum: Science 1

by Suzanne
(Campbellsburg, KY )

Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum Disappointment

Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum Disappointment

Some curriculum you like; some you don't. Bob Jones homeschool curriculum for first grade science wasn't a good fit for this family...

Bob Jones Science 1 is a full homeschool science curriculum for grade 1. While it does have a great teacher's manual and you don't have to do a lot of outside planning this was the most boring science that we have ever looked at. The curriculum is also very pricey for what you get. Bob Jones Science 1 is totally not worth the money.

Suzanne, thanks for your comments and taking the time to help others. Blessings, Heather :)

View a sample of Bob Jones Science 1 homeschool curriculum and decide for yourself!

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Comments for Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum: Science 1

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Jul 20, 2012
Bob jones science 1
by: Anonymous

It is funny how a good fit for one family does not work for another. We love BJUP science 1. We are using it with the online video and my daughter loves it and is loving science. My son did the BJUP DVD for 3rd grade science and it was fantastic. We have tried several science curriculums and are really happy with BJUP. Both my husband and I majored in science so a good science curriculum was important to us and we are sticking with bju!

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Bob Jones Homeschool Science Review

by Dawn Familetti
(Milton, WI USA)

Bob Jones Homeschool Science: Simple and Easy

Bob Jones Homeschool Science: Simple and Easy

Get your kids excited about science with Bob Jones homeschool science curriculum - it's simple to use and easy to understand!

We have tried a few different science curricula through our homeschooling, but we always seem to come back to Bob Jones homeschool science curriculum. We have even changed mid-year because we just weren't getting enough from other curriculum.

While there is a little more work to prepare for the lessons, the outcome is amazing! My children learn more and retain more from Bob Jones than any of the others! They are excited to learn science and yearn for more.

The experiments are simple and easy to understand which is so very helpful for me, just a mom and not a science major. I have even learned to love science more through this program. I have no intentions to try other programs again. This is here to stay!

I feel that if more children and families could try Bob Jones' simple and easy approach to science, a love of this subject would grow in them as well. Amazing program in my opinion!

Thanks for helping others, Dawn! Your comments are helpful and appreciated. Blessings, Heather

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