Bob Jones Homeschooling Tests and Evaluation Services

Bob Jones Homeschooling Tests and Evaluation Services offers homeschooling parents an assortment of testing and assessment tools and evaluation services. 

Bob Jones offers a variety of affordable resources from achievement and learning ability tests, to assessments and test preparation materials.

As a home educator, sometimes you may encounter difficulties when teaching your children, or will wonder if they are on track for their age. (If you do worry, please know you are perfectly normal!)

Although many homeschooling families do not like testing their children, assessments can be beneficial; they can also help ease your over-concerned mind, and eliminate needless worry. Knowing your child's strengths and weaknesses helps you to better focus your attention; you'll know exactly where to spend your time.

Discovering areas where your children excel gives you confidence, and who doesn't need a dose of that from time to time?

Bob Jones Homeschooling Tests

You can purchase the Iowa or Stanford Achievement tests through BJU, as well as the OLSAT and the CogAT learning ability tests.

If your high school student needs some guidance, the Interest Explorer™ and Career Direct® tests will provide some much-needed help and direction as your teen prepares for college and a future career.

BJU also offers writing tests, algebra assessments, and personality tests if you need specific information to better help your student.

Sample IOWA Test

Administering Standardized Tests

You can administer standardized tests yourself, if you meet certain qualifications and your state allows you to. Some states do not allow parents to administer standardized tests to their own children, so you will need to check first.

To administer standardized tests, some of the requirements you will need to meet are: have a Bachelors degree or current teaching degree, proper training, etc. Bob Jones offers training DVDs if you have never administered standardized tests before.

You will need to fill out and submit an application found on the Bob Jones Tests and Evaluation website. BJU has applications for both the Stanford Achievement and Iowa tests; requirements for both tests are similar, except the SAT requires additional training, also provided by BJU. 

Earn Extra Money

If you enjoy the testing process, administering standardized tests and providing testing services is a great way to help other homeschooling families. Many families need to submit standardized test scores each year and can not do the testing themselves.

Others like to have their children assessed periodically and do not meet the qualifications to administer a standardized tests, or want the hassle of worrying about all the additional testing requirements.

As a pre-approved tester, you could also earn some extra money by helping parents navigate the testing process and by administering Bob Jones homeschooling tests – that's pretty cool! :)

BJU's Homeschool Testing Discount

Bob Jones in the past has offered a Fall discount of 10% off all tests ordered and shipped between September 1 and November 30 and returned no later than December 31*.

*Returned Bob Jones homeschooling tests postmarked after December 31 will be billed for the 10% fall discount plus a $5 delinquent fee.

Keep your eyes open for this discount, they may offer it again.

Download BJU's Testing Catalog

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