Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum Review and Money-Saving Tips

by Tiffany Stumpp
(Phoenix, AZ)

Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum Review

Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum Review

If you are interested in Bob Jones homeschool curriculum, check out this mom's review and her money-saving tips!

We recently decided to start homeschooling our son who is in 4th grade this year so we are brand new to this. After much research we decided that we would use Bob Jones homeschool curriculum for all main subjects except for History. For History we chose Abeka.

Bob Jones has wonderful material with great stories and everything is in color which our son loves. Their new math book is about a retired navy captain who has a pet bird and searches for lost treasure. Their math problems relate to him so kids can see how you will use math as you grow up.

The Bob Jones reading course is also wonderful with great stories that are fun to read and a workbook so that we know our son understands what he read and that he actually read the story! So far we love Bob Jones and our son is really enjoying the books we use.

Getting started we quickly realized that homeschooling can get expensive. We found a store in Phoenix called Covenant House that sells a lot of Bob Jones curriculum and waited for their sale. I was able to get all used material for 50% off and all new items for 10% off. They can also order all Bob Jones items I need and I get free shipping.

Then I researched online for all items I wasn't able to find there. I purchased several items from Amazon and Ebay. I also found several discount book websites through Google and was able to get some items there as well.

My original total for all my curriculum (Math, English, Science, Reading, History, Geography, Spelling, Bible, Spanish, Art and Handwriting) came to around $900. By using Covenant House and online purchasing, my total came to just over $400 for all 11 subjects. If you plan, do your research and talk to other homeschooling families for any tips, you can really reduce your cost and still get amazing materials.

We love the time homeschooling gives us with our son and are very excited with the curriculum we chose.

What an excellent review of Bob Jones homeschool curriculum, Tiffany! I absolutely LOVE your money-saving story and tips; thanks for sharing them with others. Have a wonderful homeschool year! Blessings, Heather :)

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"Consistency Pays Off" Says Bob Jones Homeschooling Mom

by Carole Dellinger
(Blacksburg, VA)

Bob Jones Homeschooling = College Success and Savings!

Bob Jones Homeschooling = College Success and Savings!

From elementary through high school, Bob Jones homeschooling curriculum has been the cornerstone for this family's home school; now they enjoy college success!

We have home educated two children through high school and currently have one in the 8th grade. BJU press materials have been the cornerstone of our home school.

We consistently used the spelling, language arts, math, writing and grammar materials, literature, and history (high school). The scope and sequence is very good.

We used writing and grammar through the 9th grade and added Editor-in-Chief reviews from Critical Thinking. Both my college students did so well on the SAT that they got out of a whole year of freshman English, and got credit!

I think the background of grammar from BJU, was foundational for their good progress in their high school literature classes out of home. They have both become excellent writers also.

I love the logic of the math, and think the algebra course is especially clear and builds well. I am not so impressed with the geometry and that is where I end when home schooling. They both went on to Algebra 2, and Pre-Calculus.

We especially love the high school history classes. I wanted to pull Christian history in and bought extra books, but did not need them. BJU does a great job of showing the involvement of Christianity in history.

BJU can also be more affordable than some curricula since used books are often available on eBay and curriculum sales. However, I find BJU has more teachers' manuals than needed, for the elementary school years.

Consistency does pay off! Thanks for sharing how Bob Jones has benefited your family and your college admissions success. When we are in the homeschooling trenches with our kids, sometimes we can't see the end of the tunnel. Great encouragement for all of us, thanks! :)

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