BJU Heritage Studies 2 Review

by Lara Freeman
(Gun Barrel City, TX)

Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum Success!

Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum Success!

My daughter constantly struggled with school. She had an incredible desire to go and learn, but when she was there, it was a nightmare for her. After a year and a half of turmoil, we decided to homeschool her, and haven't looked back. That's not to say that mistakes weren't running rampant when we first started. I bought a grade level from a homeschool publisher, and figured that it would work well. It didn't.

I thought why was I trying to recreate the school setting that failed my daughter in my own home. After I came to that realization, I took my time and really researched what curriculum would be best for my daughter. What would she enjoy and benefit from learning?

That's when I stumbled on Bob Jones Heritage Studies Curriculum. It is AMAZING. While my daughter was at the 3rd grade level, I bought levels 1-3. She is fascinated with history. All other curriculums were covering local communities, what does a policeman do, etc. While that is extremely important, she was definitely craving something more in depth. This provided just that.

We started with level one and have worked our way halfway through level 2. It's extremely affordable, and particularly when you buy it used from websites (ebay, etc). I bought all 3 grade
levels including workbooks, for less than $30.

It's extremely thorough. She's learning about our founding fathers, and how our country came about. She was fascinated about why people left England and other countries and came to America not knowing what to expect. I also love that it is Christian based, but it isn't preachy. Credit is given to God first and foremost.

We are thoroughly enjoying our history lessons, and it's the first subject she wants to delve into when we sit down to do our school work. She also enjoys that there are biographical pieces in the text and they mention children that were her age as well. It really makes it true to life for her. What once was just a subject we had to do has become a complete joy.

Lara, thanks not only for the great review of Bob Jones homeschool curriculum, but sharing the very heart of homeschooling. You are so right… so many of us try to mimic institutionalized education and miss the true joy of homeschooling. I applaud you for realizing your daughter's strengths and weakness and customizing her education around her love of history. Way to go... many blessings to you and your daughter!

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