Big Home Schooling Kindergarten Workbook and Eclectic Curriculum

by Kathryn Cullum
(Silverdale, WA, USA)

Home Schooling Kindergarten Review

Home Schooling Kindergarten Review

We started our with our daughter using the Big Kindergarten Workbook, by School Zone. It has 320 pages, plus access to online and CD learning opportunities. This has been the basis for how we teach our daughter at the Kindergarten level.

This home schooling kindergarten book is divided up into Alphabet, Numbers (1-10), Mathr Readiness, Reading Readiness, Kindergarten Skills, and Transitional Math. It's not a comprehensive curriculum but it gave us a great place to start.

She can use the exercises online, as well as the games/exercises and information that came with the book on the enclosed CD. We couple that with worksheets we devise ourselves, and follow where her interests take her. We also use websites we find online for free for ideas on science, and so on.

We like this method of education because we can fit it to our daughter's interests and build what she needs to learn around what her interests are.

Such a composite curriculum is also quite affordable, because we can pick and choose activities and build our own lessons.

It takes only the cost of the paper and printer, and the initial outset of around $20 for the Big Kindergarten Workbook. We also spent about $20 for two different decks of American Sign Language flashcards, and we build our own flashcards otherwise.

When we find something that takes more than a couple lessons, we usually go to The Learning Tree or online, and get posters that explain the idea or lesson.

This is the first year we have used a homeschool method only, but we have supplemented a public education for nearly eight years with our older kids. It's incredibly efficient, and she's already scoring well above average across the board on standardized testing, and has a grasp at a much older level of concepts in math, science, etc. because she enjoys learning in this manner. When we find an interest we build her curriculum to help her expand upon that interest.

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