Beware! Homeschooling is Bad...

by mrsncook
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Enter at Your Own Risk!

Enter at Your Own Risk!

Raising kids to be uniquely themselves is a wonderful benefit of homeschooling. Or is it? Homeschool mom shares why homeschooling is bad for parents who want to lead a quiet, normal life!

My husband's biggest worry was that my children would not develop a personality of their own individual of me. Now he knows that's no problem! My children are weird. Really weird. :)

Farts are funny. We laugh at them. We discuss them. Do fish fart? Do dogs fart? If I tell them it's inappropriate, they point out that it's science. Sure my girls are well behaved in public, but when no one is watching or listening, we could be laughing about farts or some other weird thing.

My preteen was spending more time than usual in the bathroom. She had shaved her eyebrows and began to cut her hair. "But mom, you said we could develop our own sense of style as we got older!" I pointed out that didn't mean a mohawk.

Homeschooling kids ask a lot of questions. Tons. At odd times. And if I tell them to focus on something, like getting the soup, they complain I never listen to their ideas. Guilt-tripped into being the perfect mom, I give in to listening all about the new experiment they can make with soup and other things, as I try not to a. laugh hysterically b. look horrified c. scratch my head wondering how in the heck they thought that up!

They also tell you a lot of stuff. I have no idea where they pick all of it up from. A lot if from books, stuff I email to them, and stuff they learn from videos. But they are learning enough weird tidbits that they might be on Jeopardy one day. And it's weird.

Like when you're in the store grabbing meat for your once a week meat night (much to my husband's dismay, we have 3 meatless, 1 red meat, 3 chicken, fish, turkey, or pork) and your child, VERY LOUDLY, announces disgust at your choice. They then go into detail about how animals are raised, slaughtered, and prepared for the store. Other people are looking horrified at you and your child while you take a second to recover from shock. Thanking them politely for the info and then explaining the store might not be the best place to announce that information in such great detail, they respond, "Well it's educational! And that's the price you pay for putting meat on your table." They then begin to explain, for the next 3 aisles, why they want to be a vegetarian and how to go about it.

They dress weird. There are no peers to tell them to wear the latest fashions and expensive shoes. They find their own sense of style, make their own clothes, and recycle stuff into outfits in ways you never thought of. And they are so proud of their choices that you can't tell them that a pink shirt, blue pants, and purple hat might be a bit on the wild side.

They boycott stuff. They have a wonderful reason, but you spend the next few months debating the boycott. My one child has now boycotted silk, because she has found out it's from silkworms that spin cocoons, are killed, and then the silk is taken. She may be on to leather as soon as it's from the cow she's disgusted about how it was raised and killed. Shh! I love silk, leather, etc. I have been going green one step at a time, and those are on the bottom of my activist list. She, on the other hand, wants to save the whales, turtles, planet, you name it. She's on a one child crusade to save the world and everything on it. As homeschooler, she has the time to research these subjects, form her opinions, and get weirder and weirder every day.

So watch out! Homeschooling can help your children become weird individuals! Outspoken, headstrong, independent thinkers who know their place in the world and aren't afraid to take it.

Wow, thanks for sharing! You are so right; homeschooling isn't always easy, or sweet-smelling! Raising our kids to go against the grain, to learn to think and stand up for what they believe does make for some interesting moments and conversations. If you care about your image or want to lead a quiet, predictable "normal" life, then I guess, homeschooling isn’t for you! Many blessings to you and your kids as you enjoy life together. :)

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Mar 05, 2009
Amen on the Odd Questions
by: John

I'm with you. My 6-year-old homeschooled son asked me this morning, "Dad, how do they collect poop samples if you go to the doctor?"

You see, TWO WEEKS AGO we went to the science museum in St. Paul, Minn., as part of an exploration day, and there's a part where you diagnose "Adam," who has gone to the doctor with stomach issues. part of that diagnosis is to look at a stool sample (fake, of course) under a microscope to see what bacteria or virus is in it.

Evidently, that experience has been bouncing around his head for a while. Hence, the question about poop sample collection.

Mar 12, 2012
by: mrsncook

My oldest two girls have started (brick and mortar) high school, and it's been interesting.
I obviously wrote the original post tongue in cheek about raising independent children. I have to say their independence hasn't faded even a little. Although it can be challenging at times, I am certainly proud of them for being strong people.

They're doing very well and are growing into wonderful young adults. The other day they came home excited about a fund raiser. I was a little worried about the penny collection, because I can just see them taking in $50 worth of pennies to raise money for whatever worthy cause and win the contest. They were so excited, though, and found every penny they own to contribute. My girls carefully divided them up fairly so each one could take the same amount, and they proudly took them in to add to the jar.

My girls are confident (my one daughter says she doesn't care what other people think, because she's not doing anything wrong), helpful, and very, very interesting. lol Now that they're older, they tell me they're glad I homeschooled them. They have been discussing the benefits they've received from our time homeschooling and are happy they're able to go to the high school they're attending now.

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