The Best Homeschooling Curriculum:
How to Find and Choose It

The best homeschooling curriculum – does it really exist?

With some helpful tips and guidelines, you will know how to find and choose the best homeschooling curriculum for you, your children and your budget.

As you prepare to homeschool and before purchasing new or used curriculum and supplies, consider these pointers to help you pick the perfect products for your homeschooling pupils! :)

1. Identify Your Child's Learning Style

Knowing your children's learning style will help you choose the curriculum that will work more effectively with your child, and save you time and money!

One reason why we took our daughter out of school is because she was a kinesthetic learner and sitting behind a desk all day didn’t work with how she learned. She loved interacting and communicating while she learned.

In a room full of other students, this is not an ideal way to conduct a classroom. Homeschooling allows you the freedom to teach and your students to learn in an environment that compliments their learning style.

If they love to touch, let them touch. If they love to write, let them write. If they love to draw, do projects that incorporate their strengths while learning the concepts they need to. Learning should be fun, not restricting!

The three basic categories of learning styles are: kinesthetic, auditory, and visual.

Kinesthetic learners like direct involvement - they learn by doing.
Visual learners discover best by seeing and watching demonstrations.
Auditory learners learn through verbal instructions from others or self. They like to talk! :)

2. Recognize Your Preferred Teaching Method

best homeschool curriculum workbook

In the homeschool community, there are a variety of homeschooling or teaching methods.

A few include: Literature Based Learning, Homeschool Unit Studies, Workbooks, Unschooling, Classical Education, Charlotte Mason, and Eclectic Homeschooling.

Most methods can be tailored for your child's individual learning style.

For our family, we have always used a variety of teaching methods from using the traditional home schooling text book method to homeschool unit studies, depending on the ages of my children, the course and our family situation.

best homeschool curriculum

3. Choose Curriculum

Weeding through the different curriculum options can be time consuming but rewarding, when you find one that fits perfectly with your family.

Curriculum comes in a variety of ways from traditional textbooks to computer based homeschooling curriculum to internet programs.

You do not have to stick to one publisher. Creating a customize education for your child, is a benefit of homeschooling!

Many home educators want accredited homeschooling curriculum.

Some popular accredited homeschool curriculum programs are:

ABeka Homeschool Curriculum
Calvert Home School Curriculum
Oak Meadow

Some great non-accredited homeschooling programs are:

Alpha Omega Home School Curriculum
Bob Jones Homeschooling Curriculum
Christian Light Education
Christian Liberty Press
Robinson Curriculum
Rod & Staff

4. Create Your Budget

Many times the best homeschooling curriculum is not the most expensive one or the prettiest one. It also may not be accredited curriculum.

The best homeschooling curriculum fits within your budget and meets your family's needs.

Slash your home schooling costs by figuring out your budget and creating a home school material list before starting to purchase supplies and resources.

This is especially important when going to your homeschool conference, to prevent over spending and limit impulse buys. Specials abound everywhere, especially at homeschool conventions, but a bargain is never a bargain, if you don't have the money or if it's not exactly what you need!

It is so easy to over-spend and purchasing resources that you will never use.

Also, when purchasing homeschool curriculum, make sure you find out any additional supplies that are needed.

For example, when purchasing homeschool math curriculum or a science program, you may need to invest in additional materials like math manipulatives, or test tubes, beakers or a microscope to perform science experiments.

Some programs may be less expensive by requiring items that you will have around your home.

Purchasing used home school curriculum can be fun, rewarding and money-saving but make sure you know what you are buying before handing over your hard earned cash!

Doing some research, will help you make wise choices when shopping for the best homeschooling curriculum and resources for your family.

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