Best Curriculum for Homeschooling Kindergarten and Preschool

by Chris

Homeschooling Kindergarten and Preschool Help

Homeschooling Kindergarten and Preschool Help

What could be better for homeschooling kindergarten and preschool than free curriculum that is also virtually stress-free, involves the whole family, and has a completely flexible schedule? You'll find it all in this article by Lillian Jones. (

When homeschooling kindergarten and preschool, Lillian Jones recommends some books (get them free at your library or by inter-library loan) and articles you can read free online. You may enjoy some books so much you'll want to put them on your Christmas list for the grandparents along with possibilities for the great crafts, music, puzzles, and other items for creative play that children learn so much from (all while having a blast).

Don't worry if you don't have every one of the things, or have time to do every activity; you have years to spend with your children (though they seem to slip away too quickly, so do consciously enjoy them). The suggested activities are really just part of everyday life and they truly are just suggestions! Remember that children didn't stop learning all of a sudden during our Great Depression either, did they? Children need to spend time with you more than they need things: take that nature walk; sing that silly song; play with their pudding - G*A*S*P!

You'll soon learn how to turn a grocery shopping trip into math. For example, you can say to your homeschooling kindergarten or preschool child, "How many apples do we need for lunch if everybody gets one?" "Oops, I forgot! Daddy can't come home for lunch today; how many do we need now?"

The very act of making inexpensive musical instruments --remember the Quaker Oats drum? -- is a lesson from which children learn. They do art in decorating it. They learn responsibility and orderliness in cleaning up afterwards. Don't fail to count character training as part of your valuable time as a teacher; you're doing it 24/7 by example anyway. Hmmm... better buy cotton for your ears on that shopping trip!

Taking turns with siblings in play, following directions while crossing the street safely, going with Mom and Dad on errands (we call those "field trips" and use them to the fullest extent!), all "count" as lessons. You will gradually come to see homeschooling as Life 101, not just a formal, sit-down "school at home" activity. You will also find your children learn readily from all you have to share with them, in day-to-day living as a family. Don't discount what you, as a loving parent, know and teach every day.

Chris, thanks for sharing this valuable, free resource to parents who are homeschooling kindergarten or preschool. You offer great reminders and tips too! Blessings, Heather :)

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