Benefits to Homeschooling: My Happy Ever After

by Rosa
(East Texas )

More Benefits to Homeschooling

More Benefits to Homeschooling

Homeschool-loving teen shares some of her favorite benefits to homeschooling as well as a couple disadvantages...

I have been homeschooled since the seventh grade (I'm a sophomore now) and homeschooling is the best thing that's ever happened to our family. My older sister who has now graduated started homeschooling in the middle of her sophomore year and it interested me my whole sixth grade year.

Every day I came home from school I would say "Mom, I wasn't made for public school! No one likes me!!" and it's true I had no friends. So I started homeschooling and I loved it!

Homeschooling is the best thing ever!! No bad influences, no one to put you down just because you may weigh 15 pounds more than the "popular" kids, no teachers to play class favorites, now these are all advantages!!

Some more benefits to homeschooling are: you make your own schedules, you don't have to have a "hall pass" to go to the restroom, you don't have to pay 3 dollars for a meal in the cafeteria where everyone breathes on and touches the food, no bullying, not having to worry about forgetting to turn in your homework. I could go on and on!!

Some disadvantages of homeschooling are: not being as social, no P.E/sports, and that's all I can really think of... haha! Well see I'm apart of a homeschool group where we have monthly meetings, and monthly field trips. I praise God for it because that's where I met my best friend! The other advantage is staying the night at each others house and doing school together! :) It's super!

Thanks for sharing your favorite benefits to homeschooling, Rosa! I think parents and teens will find your story very helpful. Wishing you many blessings (and fun sleep-overs) this year! Blessings, Heather :)

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