Benefits to Homeschooling: More Family Time

by Gail

Benefits to Homeschooling

Benefits to Homeschooling

Traveling family discovers that some benefits to homeschooling aren't always evident. One of the best benefits for them is enjoying more family time!

With a husband who now often travels throughout the week, yet works from home when he is in town, homeschooling continues to be an excellent choice for us. Although, this was not our "main" reason for choosing to homeschool our children, increased family time has become one of the best benefits.

My husband often reads aloud to the children at lunch and instructs, motivates, or gives a different perspective on lessons for days that he is in town. Occasionally, we also get to travel with him. If we weren't a homeschooling family, both father and children would be missing out on so much special time together.

Gail, thanks for sharing! I agree with you. Having more family time is definitely one of my favorite benefits to homeschooling. I love that you and your family get to travel with your husband sometimes too! Blessings, Heather :)

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