AVKO Sequential Spelling Review

by Kimm Hunt
(Alpharetta, GA)

AVKO Sequential Spelling Curriculum

AVKO Sequential Spelling Curriculum

Do you have a struggling speller? Learn more about AVKO Sequential Spelling curriculum from one happy homeschooling mom! Read her informative review...

We are following the Moore "better-late-than-early" philosophy of homeschooling and are delaying academics later than what the public school system does. We started my older daughter in book 1 in 4th grade. The thing I like most about this curriculum is it's not "babyish" for the older student doing beginning or remedial spelling work.

Spelling is taught in word families. For example, book 1 starts with "in," "pin" and "sins." Within 2 or 3 days it goes from "in" to "beginning." So my 4th grader didn't feel "stupid" doing the early lessons like she would have if all the words were "1st grade" words.

Spelling is corrected immediately after the word is written, not at the end of the "test." You say the word in a sentence, they write it and then they spell it aloud to you. If it's incorrect, you correct them or help them figure out the correct spelling by reminding them of some spelling rules or a word from the same family, and they erase and re-write it correctly. This helps my daughters remember the correct spelling. They generally only miss a word in a word family one time.

This curriculum has really improved my kids' spelling. My oldest just about finished book one and she is a pretty good speller. (I wouldn't begin to guess what grade level she spells at... this book doesn't go by grade levels). She
knows how to spell the words from all the word families that have been covered in book 1, even if it's a word that wasn't in the book.

Sequential Spelling is very straightforward and simple to use. Lessons take 5 to 10 minutes a day. Some days we do 1 lesson in that time, other days we do 2 lessons. I don't feel the need to make my child spell every word in each lesson. I can tell when she's mastered a word family and we can move on. Sometimes we just do it orally if we're in a hurry or on vacation or someone else is teaching them that day. I think correctly writing out any misspelled word increases retention, though.

There are 7 or 8 books in the series and I'm hoping we don't have to go through all of them to be accomplished spellers, but I do really love this curriculum. It's the only curriculum I have ever used that I am completely satisfied with.

Kimm, thanks so much for taking the time to write this in-depth review of AVKO Sequential Spelling curriculum. All the details you included will definitely give parents a better understanding of this homeschool spelling curriculum AND if it will benefit their child. So helpful! Blessings, Heather :)

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