ARTistic Pursuits Homeschool Art Curriculum

by Julieanne

Homeschool Review of ARTistic Pursuits

Homeschool Review of ARTistic Pursuits

"ARTistic Pursuits is a comprehensive homeschool art program designed to involve the student in the creative process while developing observational skills." (Brenda Ellis of ARTistic Pursuits).

I used to teach fourth graders in a public school classroom setting, so I’m used to taking curriculum and adapting it to my needs.

Since I homeschool my two daughters, I’ve found many academic curricula that has really worked well in our family. Some of them have been designed specifically for the homeschooled family, while others are written for a classroom setting.

One of the first subjects I ever purchased for our little homeschooling family was an art program. The girls were really young, however, and I just felt led to hold off on it until they were older. Several years later, I bought them each an art workbook from a popular Christian homeschooling art company. While we have liked those workbooks, they haven’t fully met our needs to combine the elements of art with ease of use.

Introducing: ARTistic Pursuits! We began using ARTistic Pursuits, Grades 4-6 BOOK ONE: The Elements of Art and Composition (DRAWING) by Brenda Ellis this winter. Cost: $42.95.

My children began using Book One while on a road trip in January. Just as we left the house, we checked the mailbox, and it had arrived! So, with nothing more than drawing paper and regular pencils with us, the girls eagerly opened the book to see what it was all about. Right away, they were greeted with the Contents and Art Supplies list. I was thankful to see later that nothing super fancy was required with this book. We already had most of the necessary drawing supplies. The author also describes what content can be found in the book, as well as tips on scheduling art classes in your home with this book.

The girls read through the first “Getting Started” section that describes what they will learn in this book. Their first lesson was written in basic terms for those who have not enjoyed drawing or understood some of the basic elements of drawing. However, it was also detailed enough to not insult those who have been drawing for quite some time.

The girls completed the lesson on “space” and a second lesson on “looking at space in art”, easily and on their own. It was obvious to me by their expressions and enthusiasm that they were enjoying what they were doing, and they were learning about a famous artist or two, as well as some basic art concepts.

This is a book that your children can pick up and do the art lessons on their own!
I didn’t need to interfere or supervise; I just needed to be able to provide a few basic materials.

I’m impressed! We are looking forward to working through the remainder of this book, and then hopefully purchasing Book Two for this age range (grades 4-6).

ARTistic Pursuits also sells these similar types of art instruction books for the following age ranges: Preschool,K-3, Jr. High, and Sr. High. There are three books in the K-3 range; the rest of the levels all have two books: “Drawing”, and “Color”.

It’s also nice that their website has links to discounted bundles of art supplies that match the various books and levels that they have available.

Also, there is a lengthy section on their website containing Frequently Asked Questions; great information for any parent assisting their children in art instruction:

I highly recommend these art books for ease of use, the ability for a student to easily use them independently, and that they can be used over and over again for multiple students!

Julieanne, your homeschool review of ArRTistic Pursuits homeschool art curriculum just got an A+! Great review - love the details you provided. I also enjoyed learning how this homeschool art curriculum is working for you and your kids. Thanks so much! Blessings, Heather :)

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