Apologia Homeschool Science Curriculum Review

by Elizabeth
(Spring, TX)

Apologia Homeschool Science Curriculum

Apologia Homeschool Science Curriculum

Highschool homeschooling senior shares why she absolutely loves Apologia homeschool science curriculum and highly recommends it to other students who hate... or love science. Read her review...

I love Apologia for science! I am a highschool homeschooling senior student and I was unhappy with my other science books until I took a Biology class with Apologia. I loved Apologia so much that I used it at home to teach myself Chemistry (which is totally not my favorite subject) and ended my year with an A!

Apologia is very easy to understand and talks to you in a conversational way! After introducing you to a difficult subject, they will then repeat it again, in a different way, so that you can truly understand everything! Plus, all the labs are IN THE BOOK, and so you do not need to spend extra money on a lab book!

If you chose to teach yourself at home, (like I did, although I would recommend taking a class to get the full experience of the labs- microscopes!!!) you can do the labs yourself and they only use house-hold products! Apologia has a complementary CD for $15 that says all the terms highlighted in the book (and explosions for chemistry!). Also, Apologia teaches from a Christian world view and totally dissolves Evolution in your eyes and reveals God's magnificence!

I am so happy with Apologia, and would highly recommend it to anyone, especially if you are not a big science person! I look back to my Apologia science years in fond memory! There is much to take in and understand, as science is, but if you apply yourself, then you will learn greatly and science will come alive to you! :)

Excellent review of Apologia homeschool science curriculum, Elizabeth! Thanks for taking the time to share with others from a highschool homeschooling student’s perspective; your comments are so helpful! Blessings, Heather :)

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