Apologia Exploring Creation Astronomy Study

by Sara
(Fredericksburg, TX, United States)

Apologia Exploring Creation Astronomy homeschool science curriculum - a great course for multiple ages...

We LOVED the Apologia Exploring Creation Astronomy science study! It was something I could do with both my third grader and incorporate my 5 year old! I really enjoyed the option of the "junior" notebook as well! We will be continuing with the Exploring Creation series, just can't decide what to do next because I'm sure they are ALL fun!

Sara, thanks so much for sharing your experience with Apologia Science: Exploring Creation Astronomy! Your thoughts are appreciated! Blessings, Heather :)

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Apologia Curriculum Review

by Jennifer Fitton
(Bradford, Pa)

Apologia curriculum turned this mom's homeschooling science struggles into success. Check out her review to learn more...

I have to gush over the Apologia Science curriculum we've used so far to everyone I know! We have used Zoology 1 and 2, General Science, and Biology. I have already bought Zoology 3: Land Animals of the Fifth Day, Physical Science, and Chemistry.

These gorgeous books are just pouring forth with knowledge about the world God created and after reading them with my kids, you have no doubt in your mind how wonderful God is and that He indeed designed this universe and everything in it. I especially liked that the experiments for the most part use household items, but then you can also order kits specific to each Text.

There is a lot of great academics here but with fun and exciting projects, lapbooks, and experiments to cement everything in. I like that the texts are written to the student, and now I know what it means to read "living books", because these are definitely that. The books we got for next year are just as fascinating, and I doubt we'll wait all summer before opening them up and being amazed at God's infinite wisdom and power and forethought!

My daughter is studying this summer for the Advanced Placement exam for college credit in biology, and the 9th grade Apologia Biology book has well prepared her for the work in the study book for the test. I think she'll blow the test away! (This is a girl who before had no interest in Science, in fact she even hated it!) Now it's her favorite class.

I never knew exactly how or what to teach for science, but it is easy with Apologia and all the resources they offer you online and on the companion CD for the high school courses. If you struggle with teaching science, I highly recommend you take a look at their books. Your prayers are answered in Apologia!

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience using Apologia curriculum, Jennifer! Other homeschooling parents will find your review very helpful. Blessings, Heather :)

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Jan 26, 2016
Update NEW
by: Jennifer Fitton

Hi it's me again! I just want to update everyone on this review for Apologia. I now have a daughter in her second year of college who, though not majoring in it, still absolutely loves science. (She is the one who pre- Apologia had hated the subject!) I have two high schoolers studying the chemistry and liking it even though they are not big fans of doing anything academic, chemistry is still fascinating them as much as all of the Apologia books have. My 12 & 10 yr old boys are finishing up the Exploring creation with chemistry and physics curriculum and what can I say... It is their favorite thing to do. (Both of them like school, but beg to do science first and all day long!)
So far we have used several texts- planning to go through all of them with my two youngest. We have also used their devotional series up to Who is My Neighbor. The actual observable science, the intricate details of life and it's systems and laws and functions have blown my mind and have captivated my whole family. Apologia saved my home school numerous times when doubt would creep in our I would consider putting them in school- I just couldn't get passed them missing out on Apologia. It's that in depth, that understandable, that good!

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Apologia Elementary Homeschool Science Curriculum

by Julie Hames
(Moore, OK)

Apology Science Review

Apology Science Review

Easy-to-read and engaging, Apologia science curriculum excites both kids and parents; it makes learning and teaching science at home... fun! Read mom's review...

For our first year of homeschooling, and the homeschool science curriculum we chose was a big hit for my 5th grade son! We both enjoyed the Exploring Creation through Astronomy book, by Apologia Science.

The text was easy to read and engaging and the lab and crafts were fun and easy to complete. The volcano experiment was right up my young man's alley! The solar system we made from balloons hung in his room all year.

I highly recommend the lab kit as it insures you are prepared for each experiment. The fact that the information my son is learning is coming from a biblical perspective seals the deal for me. Nothing but the Truth!

We also completed Apologia's Flying Creatures homeschool science curriculum that same year, and learned a ton about birds that has stuck with him since. We had a lot of fun bird watching in the back yard with our field guide. The text is so engaging and packed with good Godly information, we look forward to science everyday. We are excited about learning about swimming creatures this year!

Thanks for sharing about Apologia's Elementary homeschool science curriculum. We offered the "Flying Creatures" curriculum as a class at our local homeschool co-op, and it was a huge success. Like you, the kids and the moms loved it. Appreciate your thoughts! Happy homeschooling, Heather :)

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