Apologia Biology Curriculum

by Melissa

Apologia Biology curriculum is the second homeschool science course I have purchased by Apologia. I love how the curriculum gives credit and respect to God as the creator and encourages students not to rely on scientific studies that oppose God's creation.

I also love that this curriculum is written to the student so that it is self learned. It does not require endless expensive supplies for the science experiments; all supplies needed I was able to purchase locally at the grocery store. They do offer supplies for dissecting labs, which I did not purchase, but is good to know where to get the supplies at reasonable prices.

I highly recommend Apologia curriculum for homeschoolers who have a strong faith-based approach to education.

Hi Melissa,
Thanks for sharing your experience with Apologia science curriculum; your post will be helpful to others. We have also used Apologia in our home school and I agree, it is very easy to use in a home setting. Blessings, Heather :)

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