AOP Monarch Curriculum Samples

Alpha Omega Publications has produced some great AOP Monarch videos to help you learn more about their new online curriculum.

Overview of Monarch

Monarch is Alpha Omega Publications new online homeschool curriculum for grades 3-12. Monarch, like AOP's other curriculum options, is bible-based.

A complete grade consists of five core subjects (Math, Science, History/Geography, Language Arts, and Bible), but you have the flexibility to choose an entire grade, or individual subjects. Monarch also has over 35 elective courses as well!

Monarch Curriculum Samples

Check out some Monarch curriculum samples, below. You'll get a good idea how this curriculum works, both for your student, and you, the home educator.

Grade Three History Lesson Sample

This short video is from Monarch's third grade History/Geography course:

Grade Five History Sample

The following Monarch curriculum sample is from the fifth grade History/Geography course:

Highschool Sample Lesson

If you have highschool students, here is a lesson from Monarch's twelfth grade Bible course:

Monarch Curriculum Reviews

Find out what other parents have to say about Monarch online homeschool curriculum to help you decide if its right for you.

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