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by MO Home Educator

Missouri home educator shares her AOP Monarch Online Homeschool Curriculum experience; read her very informative review...

We have used AOP Monarch Online Curriculum for one year for my sophomore aged son. He took English II, Biology, World History, Geometry, American Literature, Personal Finance, and Spanish.

Monarch has many great features: easy scheduling, message center, automatic gradebook backup, the program grades most work (except for paragraphs and essays), and engaging lectures. (Note: my son did not like the embedded video lectures.) When parent grading was required, it provides detailed lists of possible answers. The geometry also provided solutions that parents could review to help the student.

One thing we did not like about Monarch was the number of times the program server would go down requiring us to login again. Also, the online grading required specific spelling so we needed to review fill-in-the-blank questions. Fortunately, the grade received was easy to adjust. We would also like to see a function allowing highlighting of important concepts.

The two courses that created the most difficulty were geometry and Spanish. Many of the geometry lessons required drag/drop functions to answer them. It was frustrating when one moved a number to a position in the answer screen but it did not "stick." In addition, the solutions provided for parents tended to skip steps requiring a fairly strong
parental knowledge of math to help the student navigate.

For his junior year, we are going to try Switched on Schoolhouse instead, hoping to avoid the server issues. We are also switching to Saxon for Algebra II.

Monarch is comparably priced to Switched on Schoolhouse. A course must be completed in 18 months or the subscription lapses. However, access to grades is available for 7 years. A subscription is for only one child and there are no returns once the course is assigned to a child so the curriculum could not be previewed in advance.

AOP does have several sales on curriculum throughout the year saving up to 20% at certain times. There is a continual saving of 10% and free shipping on the AOP webpage. Technical support as well as newsletters are available to support one in homeschooling.

Excellent review of AOP Monarch Online Homeschool Curriculum! I loved that you shared the positive aspects of this curriculum, as well as some areas for improvement. Thanks for taking the time to help other parents learn more about AOP's online program. Blessings, Heather :)

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